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Sri Vijay Gopalakrishnan sent me this article few days back. Amazing document that had captured several yatras of Sri Pudhu Periyava. This document is in Sri Matam site ( This document covers lots of details from these trips. In fact Sri Pudhu Periyava had traveled to way too many places than Mahaperiyava and we can say that there is probably not a single place left untouched by His lotus feet. Wherever He went, He had done so many things for Adi Sankara – you can see so many of those details in the document….Even today at His ripe age, He is still traveling without any rest. So was His guru and So is the sishya. We are so blessed to have a uninterrupted guru lineage at Sri Kamakoti peetam and been guiding and helping people.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Here is the introduction written by Sri Jayasenthilnathan…..

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Under the presidentship of Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal, myself and writer Sri Sandilyan spoke on the second day of the Paavai Festival in Kumarakottam, Kanchipuram in 1965. I spoke on Tiruvembavai. After the programme was over, Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal gave me Prasadam, enquired about my job and blessed me. This day was a special day in my life; a golden day that changed the course of my life.

After many years, Jagadguru Sri Paramacharya Swamigal and Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal returned to Kanchipuram on completion of their tour. As per the tradition of Srimatham, the two Acharyas would first take bath in Sarvatirtham, halt a while in the Mukthi Mandapam on its banks and then enter the town. A large crowd had gathered at Sarvatirtham. Jagadguru Sri Paramacharya arrived, took bath, performed rituals and proceeded to Mukthi Mandapam.

Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal also completed his bath and rituals soon thereafter and came up to the shore. I stood at a distance with some trepidation in mind and palms joined above my head, having removed my shirt.

Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal blessed those who fell at his feet and, seeing me at some distance, he gestured to me to come near. I went close to him. He said, “You are Senthil!‟; the wonder in my mind knew no bounds. Felt like electric current passing through body. What a powerful memory! He had seen me just once many years ago in a festival. So many years had passed thereafter! It is impossible to estimate the number of people he would have met and blessed in many different places in all these years. My body and mind swelled on the thought of his power of memory in calling me by name after a gap of so many years. I forgot myself, fell at his feet. He left. I followed with love as if in trance. From that day onwards I live my life with continuous contemplation of those holy feet.

Attracted by his look of Gnana, I went to Srimatham frequently thereafter for darshan. I stood like “a destitute in front of an affluent person‟. He used to teach now and then excellent morals and religious guidelines and tit-bits; I used to enjoy listening. He improved me by such exhortations.

This blessing continues even now.

Then there was “Sadas‟ in Kanchipuram that particular year. I performed the work assigned to me by Sri Swamigal in that connection as per instructions. This association developed into writing down his verbal teachings, printing them, sending by post etc. Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal thought of preparation of textbooks to inculcate religious feelings in small children. I undertook the
responsibility of putting his ideas into writing and giving them a suitable shape; I worked day and night. This led in due course to publication of the book „Aravazhi Vachakam‟ (Book of Path of Dharma) in three parts. This textbook is still being followed in nursery classes in many schools in Tamil Nadu.

This was followed by publication of the book „Sri Kamakashi Devi‟ by me, explaining the greatness of the Kamakshi temple in Kanchipuram as instructed by Sri Acharya Swamigal. He ordered me to lay the first copy of this book at the Sannidhi of Sri Adisankara Bhagavatpada in the Kamakshi temple. That day was 15th September 1969. That was the day when the Acharya
blessed by sending me a Rudrakshamala and a silk shawl by way of honour from Srimatham, bestowed on me in the Sannidhi of Sri Adisankara. My services grew further from that day.

Frequency of trips to Srimatham camps also grew. Once Jagadguru Sri Paramacharya Swamigal and Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal camped in Karvetnagar in Chittur district, Andhra Pradesh. I was called there. It was then that an organization
called „Hindu Samaya Manram‟ (Hindu Religious Forum) was established by the Acharya in the Sannidhi of Sri Venugopala Swamy there. Sri N.S.S.Manradiyar and others had been called to that meeting. Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal ordered at that time that I should serve as the convener of the newly-formed organization and ensure compliance of his instructions from time to time. From that day I have been performing the duties related to that organization throughout the state of Tamil Nadu as instructed by the Guru.

I had the opportunity of delivering a series of discourses on Kanda Puranam during the Skanda Shashti celebrations in the year 1970. On the final day on the evening of 4th November, Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal blessed me with the title of „Sencholmani‟ (Jewel of eloquent speech) and a silk shawl. These kinds of blessings of, contact with and services to the Guru have continued to this day. I have now got the opportunity of writing about the Vijaya Yatra (Tour of Triumph) of Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal.

Jagadguru Sri Paramacharya incarnated in the year „Jaya‟. After 60 years “Jaya‟ year came again. It appears that he had this in mind when he initiated Sri Pudu Periyaval with the Diksha nama of “Jayendra Saraswathi‟ formed by adding „Jaya‟ to „Indra Saraswathi‟! It is due to the Guru‟s grace that all public services undertaken by Sri Pudu Periyaval from that day till now have succeeded
(jaya means victory) brilliantly to the admiration of all. What can equal the Guru‟s blessing on this earth!

It is not possible to describe or quantify the great services rendered by Sri Swamigal in the history of Srimatham. Though we shall refer to them in the Yatra notes (in the book) in many places, it is but appropriate to mention a few important aspects here.

While camping with Jagadguru Sri Paramacharya in Orikkai village near Kanchipuram, Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal celebrated the Shashtiabdapoorthi of Sri Paramacharya Swamigal on a grand scale. He also conducted the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Jagadguru Sri Paramacharya‟s ascension to the Peetham in a grand manner. He performed Kanakabhishekam with his own hands to Jagadguru Sri Paramacharya in Chinna Kanchipuram (Vishnu Kanchi) in 1956 and in Chennai in 1957. „Pattina Pravesam‟ (ceremonial entry into city) of the two Acharyas took place very magnificently at that time in Chennai.

Golden covers (kavachas) were offered for the idols of Sri Kamakshi Ambal and Sri Adi Sankara Bhagavatpada in Kanchipuram. A necklace of a thousand gold coins was offered to Sri Kamakshi Ambal. Those who have darshan of Kamakshi on Fridays can see this necklace even now.

Diamond covers were offered to the „Kunchitapadam‟ and „Abhayahasta‟ of Sri Nataraja at Chidambaram. Golden Vimanam was raised in Sri Kamakshi temple in Kanchipuram by covering three of the five storeys in the vimana with gold.
Branches of Srimatham are being established in many places. Sri Sankara Mandapam in Triveni Sangamam in Allahabad, Sri Sankara temple and Gita Ratha Mandapam in Kurukshetra and Kirti Mandapam in Kaladi were erected. Classes for religious training of teachers, Stotra classes for students, many different competitions and prizes, countless pamphlets on religious topics for free distribution, unbounded assistance to temples for many activities like renovation etc., social
welfare schemes, Veda Pathasalas, Devara classes, many different trusts etc. – the Acharya is engaged in innumerable acts of service.

Those who have had darshan of the divine manifestation of Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal – Sri Pudu Periyaval even once will realize his greatness. Whatever be the nature of the person having darshan, if he has darshan even once, he will long to have more and more of it.

Captivating smile, compassionate face, attractive form, eyes exuding the light of Gnana, dharmic tendency to keep giving in unlimited manner, attitude of renunciation with firm attachment to the Vedic path and worship, ease of conversing in different languages with different people, utter simplicity, lofty aim of helping the socially backward, foresight of bringing together all Indian
nationals through spirituality – all this in one integrated form is Jagadguru Sri Pudu Periyaval.

Details of various service activities rendered by Srimatham are covered in Appendix. One can refer to it for details.

Jagadguru Sri Acharya Swamigal is the very embodiment of Gnana, the intellectual tree locally grown, who travels across the country, performing Poojas and worship, and guiding devotees through Gnana and exemplary conduct. This book „SRI JAYENDRA VIJAYAM‟ covers his life history, details of his Vijaya Yatras and the Guru Parampara of Srimatham. Details of tours and news digests, gathered by Sri Madhava Sastri of Srimatham greatly helped me in writing this book. My grateful thanks to him. In what way can I do anything in return for the Guru‟s grace, which made the insignificant me to complete this job! May I clasp those Holy Feet as my great fortune and live in their shadow! May all go through this holy book and reap the sacred fruit!

The spiritual world is ever indebted to Vanathi Publishers, who undertook the responsibility of printing and publishing this book on the instructions of the Guru. Our heartfelt thanks to Sri Tirunavukkarasu, Proprietor of Vanathi Publishers.

Guru alone is the guide.

Yours lovingly,
Kanchipuram Pulavar Pu.Ma.JAYASENTHILNATHAN
Asthana Vidvan, Sri Sankara Matham



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  1. As disciples we have only to do what our ACHARYAL expect and want us to do for the welfare of the community at large and do our bit, possible only with THEIR ANUGRAHAM, and not indulge in analysing their actions. By our total surrender, we uplift our own self in a small way. As I remember to have read in a Thevaram Paadal,
    “Thondu Seyyaa Naalelaalm Naan PIravaa Naale.” Again a quote from Thevaaram “ANBAR PANI INBA NILAI”. As I do not know the method of changing to Tamil Script, I have quoted the Padal in EnglishTransliteration. I am sure all Tamil Knowing persons will be able to follow what I have stated.

  2. the line
    Sri Pudhu Periyava had traveled to way too many places than Mahaperiyava
    appears unnecessry…
    mahaperiyava did not travel by car, helicopter or aeroplanes….

  3. Dear Sir Thanks for the article. Please find some photos of Swamiji during his visit to Central Prison, Madras, to bless the inmates, ( year may be 1974 or 1975) Pranams Ramasubramanian sk

  4. Mahesh, I bought the hard copy version when I went to Mumbai early this year. Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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