Periyava Quiz-Lord Muruga’s Three Avatars?


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Here is the answer to last week’s question. Many bhakthas got it right some did not. The question was what was Periyava’s regret not what a Sannyasi cannot do per sastras 🙂 There is a whole section in Vol 7 on Namaskaram where Periyava feels a lot that he cannot do Namaskaram and asks us to as much as we can to Bhagawan and elders.

Periyava’s Position – Peetathipadhi and Jagadguru title has prevented him from doing one of the following which he has regretted deeply. Since he cannot do, he urges us to do this as much as possible as it is one of the greatest privileges to do so. What is it? Answer with a succinct explanation.

AnsNamaskaram. Click HERE-1, HERE-2. Read these two chapters and it is really moving. If you have more time try reading the entire section where Periyava emphasizes the importance of Namaskaram and does a thesis on it.

Next Question

What are the “Three Avatarams of Lord Muruga” as told by Sri Periyava in Deivathin Kural?

1. Saint Nakkiran
2. Appar Swamigal
3. Kumara Kurubar Swamigal
4. Thiru Gnansambandar Swamigal
5. Kashyapa Maharisihi
6. Sanathanan
7. Sanath Kumarar
8. Arunagirinathar Swamigal
9. Kumarila Bhattar
10. Sekkizhar Swamigal
11. Sanath Sujadhar
12. Brihu Maharishi
13. None of the above

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  1. for the time now i am murugan here i am… kali told me;;i wonder what is written here about me ;;;

  2. Sanatkumarar
    Kumarila Bhattar
    Thiru Gnansambandar Swamigal

  3. Actually Lord Murugan is a reincarnation of Shri Sanath Kumarar, as revered in Sanath Kumara Samhitai. Told by Maha Periyava and is also an article in this blog. Otherwise there are Four avathars of Lord Murugan. 1. Shri Kumarila Bhattar 2. Thiru Gnana Sambandar 3. A Dumb child of a Pandian King (name not remembering) 4. Thiru Ramana Maharishi.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  4. 4. Thiru Gnansambandar Swamigal

    7. Sanath Kumarar

    9. Kumarila Bhattar

  5. Thirugnana Sambandhar Swamigal, Kumara Gurupara Swamigal, Arunagirinatha Swamigal

  6. Answer

    Thirugnanasambandar Sanatkumara And Kumarila Bhattar

    Tara Venkateswaran

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  7. gnana sambandar,kumarilabhattar ,sanathkumarar[purva avatharam]

  8. Sanath Kumarar, Thiru Gnyana Sambandar, Ramana Maharishi

  9. Sanathkumarar, Kumarila Bhattar, ThiruGnana Sambandhar

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  10. Sanathkumarar, Kumarila Bhattar, ThiruGnana Sambandhar


  12. 3. Kumara Kurubar Swamigal
    4. Thiru Gnansambandar Swamigal
    8. Arunagirinathar Swamigal

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