Update from Nochiyam – Change of guard


Smt Vittal Rajalakshmi mami had sent an important update on the ashram and also about introducing Sri Krishnakumar as her successor to run this holy place in the future. They have made a small video to talk to each of you directly. Please listen – mami had spent enough time to talk about key points. Sri Krishnakumar wanted me to post this on anusham day but I was unable to do so. Sorry for the delay, Krishnakumar.

From the blog, we have donated Rs 50,001/- towards gho-rakshanam to the ashram few days back as our initial support. Although it is not a huge amount for the number of cows they have, it is a support to some degree. We will continue to support this project in future also.

People fall in love at first sight on various things. To me, I fell in love at this place. Three big reasons (1) Built only on Periyava bakthi – started this project with nothing on hand (2) mami’s sankalpam is pure and divine (no personal agenda) (3) Transparency in running this place – they don’t hide anything at all. They still read daily accounts to Mahaperiyava daily as you hear in the video and the level of purity maintained at this place is just phenomenal. Whoever goes there will be welcomed and treated like a family. If you have not visited this place, please plan in your next trip to Trichy.

Sri Krishnakumar in his introduction could have avoided my name to be mentioned – not required at all. In reality, there are so many other forums besides the blog aggressively worked to spread the word around etc. Also in his new role and responsibility, he has very large to fill that mami had created. I am very glad that mami had identified an able successor to run this place. From all of us, we wish him all the bests and remind him that he is always watched by Periyava Himself.

I am sure this place will complete the pending work and run smoothly with all of the public support.

Our namaskaram to mami and the entire team for their selfless work.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaha” (One who protects Dharma stands himself protected by the same Dharma)

As most of you are aware, with the benign blessings of HH Mahaperiayaval, Smt. RajaLakshmi Vittal mami has successfully undertaken the mammoth project of constructing Shanti Ashram at Nochiam (near Trichy) which houses temples for Sri Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari, Vinayakar, Murugan, Veda vyasar, Adi Sankarar and HHH Maha periyava. This Ashram permeates the message of Sanathana Dharma and as ordained by HHH Mahaperiyava, Gho Samrakshanam and Veda Rakshanam are its basic tenets. The Ashram Ghoshala caters to the needs of around 16 cows and tireless efforts are being made to revive Veda patashala in its premises.

In this video message, Mami makes a very important and fervent appeal to all devotees who have been providing unflinching support to this project, both physically and financially. She has chosen Shri. K.R. Krishnakumar, an ardent Mahaperiyaval devotee and philanthropist from Bangalore to hand over the reins of the Ashram administration with the blessings of HHH Maha Periva and the guidance from Mami.  Mami has been tirelessly working towards building this Ashram for several years and it’s just amazing to see her energy level at this age of 86. It’s simply not possible without Mahaperiyaval’s blessings. Shri. Krishnakumar has been closely associated with Ashram’s development for more than 2 years now and it is Mahaperiyaval’s direction that a sincere devotee like him should support Mami to further develop and sustain Ashram activities. Mami has spoken about several critical projects that are currently underway and we solicit all possible financial & physical support from HHH Periva’s devotees across the world.

Construction of Parnashalai for sapta rishis is 85% complete. Work is actively undertaken to complete the remaining 2 parnashalas. Devotees are welcome to perform their nithya karma anushtanams including sahasra gayathri japam at this sacred place adjoining River Cauvery. Devotees can pay Rs. 10,000/- (one time – Non refundable donation) and stay in Paranashalai for a week’s time once a year. Since we have only 7 units, we need at least 2 months prior booking.

Ghoshala needs sustained financial help from devotees towards procuring feed for cows.

Foundation has been laid for 8 seva cottages (1 bedroom, hall, kitchen covering 250 sq. feet) which are being built for devotees to stay and render service at the Ashram (Two members ONLY). Devotees can make a contribution of Rs.4.5 lakhs (one time non-refundable donation) towards 1 cottage and avail this opportunity to lead a Dharmic life at this holy place. The terms and the conditions of the trust will be informed before booking the cottage.

Wall / Mural paintings to be undertaken at the temple premises. Looking for Sponsors.

Initiatives are being taken to revive Veda patashala at the Ashram.     A vadhyar (Guru) has been identified and nitya parayanam of  Veda samhitas is underway.   It has been planned to provide a monthly stipend of Rs.500/- to all vidyarthis (students).

Ashram incurs a running expenditure of Rs. 2 lakhs per month. To meet this in a sustained manner, we request devotees to contribute towards refundable deposit (minimum lock-in period of 1 year), the interest proceeds of these deposits will be used to meet the operating expenses. The trustee will issue certificate guaranteeing the payback of principal amount (no interest will be paid) to the depositor and the same can be refunded back within a week’s notice. Ashram accounts audited by Mr. Kalaimani (a leading auditor in Trichy) will be shared with all contributors to maintain transparency and yearly balance confirmation from the trust will be issued to the depositor.

All donations to Ashram to be sent to the below bank accounts and the donations are eligible for Income tax deduction under Section-80G.

No. 1, Lakshmi Vilas Bank,
Uthamar Koil Branch,

SB A/c No : 0784301000016904
IFS Code : LAVB 0000784
Tel No of Bank   :   91 0431 2592444

BSR Code           :  6120298
MICR Code        :  620056005


No 4/305, Shanthi Ashram,
Ayyan Vaikkal South Bank,
Kollidam, North Bank,
Madhavaperumal Koil (Nochiam),
Trichy 621 216.
Tamil Nadu, India.
Ashram Cell No :  +91 8754777592, +91 8754777592
Mami’s Cell No.  :  +91 9443370605
Sri.Krishnakumar’s# : +91 9880888223, +91 9880888223

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  1. It is great to be associated with Ashram & Mami for almost a year now …. Mahesh mami keeps saying your name to all the devotees whenever i visited her and i hv been posting some of the info in FB Sage of Kanchi via Panchanathan Suresh Anna and enquired about you. I think in your recent visit to your Ashram we missed to connect with you as Mami mentioned you had left by then… I visited recently for Chandi Homam and been supporting mami and ashram with whatever possible support that we could do to connect with her almost daily.. Thank you Mahesh i just got access to this blog & it is really great service to spread and connect of lot of perivya devotees together…..

  2. I am sure one ” Sri.V.S”. who has made an “unwarranted comment” earlier in this blog will take back them now. It is a matter of time that 2 / 3 like minded devotees will join soon to assist Shri. Krishna Kumar & and Vittal Mami in the service of Maha Periyava.
    Jaya Jaya Sanakra ! Hara Hara Sanakra!

  3. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe Charanam!

  4. Radhekrishna. Maha Periyava Charanam. Namaskarams from V. Gayathri (Retd. Tahsildar) and
    R. Balaraaman. We are very much happy that Periyava likes your dedication towards Dharma so that he needs your service to take care of this Shanthi Ashramam. We will continue to do service to the Ashramam till our last breathe. Periyava will bless us to do so. We can not bless you. We are very much happy to see you in this post. 100% Ahsramam will run without any hurdles with Periyava’s blessings.

    Maha Periyava Charanam.

  5. I had gone through the same and it was very interesting. May God bless you KK. I want to be part of some help let me wait for the opportunity to do so and praying Periyawar to bless. Natarajamani V Iyer

    • It just happened that I watched a Youtube video about Nochiam Vittal Rajalakshmi Mami and also read this particular blog. Today also happens to be Anusham. There is a mention about Anusham in the blog also but being a Malaysian and non-Brahmin I do not know what to make out of it. My search in the net has also not be very helpful. Anyway, the Youtube video on Vittal Mami was very touching. Wouls like to visit the Temple, school and ashram when time permits. My best wishes to everyone who is taking care of this place.

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