Renovation update on Karkeeswarar temple and Periyava video – Don’t miss


As our blog is involved in the renovation project of Lakshmeeswarar and Karkeeswarar, I want to give an update on the renovation progress. Please see earlier post for details on current condition of the temple.

It is such a divine coincidence that I got the video couple of days back and posted also without knowing where Periyava is walking in that video. Just now, Smt Mahalakshmi mami called me to let me know that the video was taken on the kumbabishekam of these two temples in 1986. The portion of the video where Periyava is walking by holding on the temple is Lakshmeeswarar – He goes to Karkeeswarar and from there He comes back along with HH Balaperiyava to Lakshmeeswarar and giving blessings to devotees. It is all our baghyam that we are contributing the temples that Mahaperiyava did kumbabishekam to. Even if our contribution is small, it doesn’t matter.

On a side note, it is interesting to see how a green paddy field has now been converted to completely a residential area  🙂

Construction is progressing well….Mami mentioned that this is a dwivi-thala-mandapam for both the temples as opposed eka-thala-mandapam. Compound wall is going to be constructed and they are also going to do pratishtai of Lord Ganapathy and Lord Subramanyar along with the project. As of now, the kumbabishekam date has been fixed as January 23, 2017 (Anusham day!) – pending approval from both our Periyavas. Once Periyavas return to Kanchipuram, the date will be finalized.

Overall cost is estimated at 25 Lakhs and from the blog we have handed over 5 Lakhs to mami. If you have not contributed for this temple and interested in doing so, pl check KGF Support page for contribution details or talk to mami at  +91 98400 53289.



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