Periyava Quiz-Periyava’s Regret?


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Here is the answer to the last quiz. Well, all Periyava devotees got it spot on except for one I guess…

Sri Periyava describes about a Swami in Deivathin Kural with the following attributes. Which Swami is Periyava referring to?

ஞானத்தில் உச்சநிலை, பலத்தில் உச்சநிலை, பக்தியில் உச்சநிலை, வீரத்தில் உச்சநிலை, கீர்த்தியில் உச்சநிலை, சேவையில் உச்சநிலை, விநயத்தில் உச்ச நிலை இப்படியெல்லாம் ஒன்று சேர்ந்திருக்கிற ஸ்வரூபம் ஒன்று உண்டு என்றால் அது “___________________”

Highest level on Gnana, Strength, Bhakthi, Valor, Fame, Service, and Humility. Which Swami has all these attributes together as explained by Sri Periyava in Deivathin Kural?

Ans: Hanuman – Click HERE for details

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Periyava has expressed quite a few regrets in Deivathin Kural. Here is one of them.

Periyava’s Position – Peetathipadhi and Jagadguru title has prevented him from doing one of the following which he has regretted deeply. Since he cannot do, he urges us to do this as much as possible as it is one of the greatest privileges to do so. What is it? Answer with a succinct explanation.

1. Veda Adhyayanam
2. Gho Puja
3. Yajna/Homam
4. Namaskaram
5. Anatha Predha Samskaram (Proper disposal of unknown/unclaimed bodies)
6. Brahma Yajnam
7. Tharpanams
8. None of the above

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  1. In terms of doing namaskaram, I think Mahaperiyavaa says – a sanyasi can do dandi namaskaram to another sanyaasi, but not based on period of time. It is based on the number of vyasa poojas. The more vyasa poojas the guru has done, the more he is worthy of namaskaram, even if he is of young age. Please correct my understanding.

  2. Namaskaram

  3. It’s namaskaram. He had also quoted in Deivathin Kural that he was happy that he didn’t live during Treta yuga that sakshat Rama would have offered namaksarams to him and he would have regretted it that he couldn’t pay namakskaram to him.

  4. The answer is ‘ Namaskaram’.

    A Sanyasi can do namaskaram only to other sanyasis who have been ordained for a longer period of time than him. As Periyava took sanyasam at a very early age he could not do namaskaram to most. He has also talked at length about how doing namaskaram makes one humble.

    Tara Venkateswaran

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  5. sanyasa dharma and peetathpadi , jagathguru dharma differs. so I too feel as jagathguru and peetadipathi, its namaskaram. In one of his speech he has regretted that .

  6. I think the answer is namaskAram. People have already explained.
    But He touched upon other aspects as well. I am not sure whether He regretted about those.

  7. Namaskaram…like many of them said earlier.. I have also heard/read about this somewhere

  8. It is 5. Anatha Predha Samskaram. All other, a Peetathipadhi can do. A Peetathipadhi can give Tharpanam to Guru and Deivam, but Anatha Predha Samskaram cannot be done.

  9. 5. Anatha Predha Samskaram – any sort of pretha samskaras are beyond Sanyasis , as they lead to Siddha Sudhi. Sanyasam in itself implies Siddha Sudhi.

  10. or may be thats the sanyasa dharma. may be I am wrong.

  11. yagnam and homam. periava says samyasi is not allowed to handle file. not cook for themselves and not do homams. right?

  12. 4.. Namaskaram.
    I have heard this from Sri Suki sivam upanyasams. PERIYAVA says he could not do namaskarams to those Great / good hearted, or thejasvees souls or saints or any other person whom HE has come across due to HIS position as a Peetathipathi ( they donot bow to others )

    So so down to earth our Ego Less Periyava. Neither no one has filled HIS place nor anyone can fill HIS place.

    Guess my answers are OK

  13. 4. Namaskaram

  14. 4. Namaskaram

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