10 million or 1 crore views!!!



Today, on this auspicious anusham, the blog reached a significant milestone of having 10 million or 1 crore views as of today! While I have been saying that numbers don’t matter – the impact matters – it is not a small number to ignore. It is a very large number to feel good about.

To me, it shows that the blog has been getting your support consistently. This means that we are doing our best to provide you as much information as possible related to Kanchi Acharyas. This also tells that we all got 10 million times of darshans of Mahaperiyava (collectively) – when you come to the blog there are so many photos of Him – you get a darshan, you read about him etc. We have transformed into a better person by knowing about this mahan, listening to His teachings etc. We are in His smaranai all the time – these are my take-aways from this number.

When I started this blog in 2009, it started off with 10 views per week etc. I used to check the statistics and feel pretty disappointed. Slowly over the period of time, with His blessings, this picked up momentum and today we are here.  It is very easy to get demotivated in the beginning..It was not an easy journey. I would have quit this long back but I went on as I had nothing to lose by managing this blog but so much to gain by doing so!!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart to each and every individual who have kindly shared the contents to be published in the blog – be it an audio, video, photos, poems, books, drawings, paintings, sculptures and so many. Every time, something is created about Periyava (poems, stuthis, drawing, painting, sculptures etc), it is sent to the blog for neiveidhyam!!! I do the neiveidhyam by publishing here 🙂

Also thanks to contributors like Suresh Panchanathan, Sai Srinivasan for their selfless contribution to this kainkaryam. More than anything, thanks to each souls who have been continuously motivating me personally and the team. There are so many individuals who don’t write any comments but silently observe the blog and call/email me to motivate me etc.

I tell this to everyone “Periyava had a reason to build this blog. If He decides to shut this down, it will happen one day – no one can stop”. So, I take no credit for the blog – it is His blog – I am only a web admin. I hope Periyava will allow me to do this job for some more time.  Personally, I learn a lot daily from this blog (as a reader), got to know so many great devotees around the world, connected so many people together etc. Together we all joined hands together in several kainkaryams – veda/gho rakshanams, temple renovations etc…Great journey so far!

This blog has reached pretty much every country you could think of. About 2 years back, I was preparing a report to HH Pudhuperiyava about the blog and I was surprised to see that there are readers from countries that we have unheard of! If Sri Pradosham mama were here, He would have been so happy to see the Periyava bakthi reflecting through these numbers and the reach.

This journey should continue. We all need His blessings, our acharyas’ blessings and all your support to keep this running for a much longer time.

At this moment, I want to remember Periyava’s golden quote – “Stay humble and you will find what you are seeking for”.

My namaskarams to each and every one of you for your support.

My ananthakodi namaskaram to Kanchi Acharya Guruparampara for their blessings!

My thanks to some of my friends who do not want to be thanked/recognized 🙂

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!

P.S – I apologize for keeping this a long post than I expected




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  1. Mahesh, Life keeps tormenting, testing and trying souls as this is Kali. These poor souls keep missing several help lines thrown at them by divinity and believe in the principle of kandathe kakshi kondathe kolam. An unflinching bhakthi towards the Guru is all that is needed to help get over the effects of Karma and cross the Samsara perum kadal. In my view you are as Sivan Sar says in his magnum opus YPM an epitome of Guru bhakthi for whom prayers to god become unnecessary and this is your last sojourn on this earth like Pradosham mama or Purandara Kesavalu (the boy who obtained Vilvam for Mahaperiyavaas daily pooja somewhere in Andhra – an episode that was captured beautifully and poingnantly by Ramani Anna.. Another few more births to Mukti cancelled by dips into a temple tank by Periyavaa!)


  2. Hi Mahesh,

    Your humility and modesty is appreciated.
    I am thankful to you and all the team members for the blog.
    It always gives me peace of mind after reading and transplants me out of this mundane world.

    Words cannot express my feelings and gratitude for all the hard work by all of you.
    Wonder how you manage them all with your office work and family in tow.


  3. Maha Periyaval’s blessings. Congratulations!

  4. We all thank you for this wonderful blog !

  5. Your selfless service is helping many devotees to progress on their spiritual journey. I can see big differences in my life since I started following your blog and practicing Periyava’s Upadesams. Also, hearing about the other devoteees through the posts and their comments make me increasingly aware that I am not even fit to be at their feet, let alone the Acharyas, given my current level of spiritual evolution (this was not apparent in the beginning) Thanks again! Periyava’s anugraham for you and your family is ever present!

  6. Dear Maheshji,
    We thank you from the bottom of the heart to maintain this blog active and to the members who contribute their work & time in this blog. Am a silent observer and reader of this blog every day and when i read 10 miln views, I couldnt resist posting/sharing my happiness with you and with the members! As you rightly said Maha Periyava decides what he want to do THROUGH this BLOG and through you.

    Jayajaya Shankara Harahara Shankara

  7. Good work never goes waste. It may take time to catch on, but it will reach to its end goal.

    Thanks for keeping up this website and helping all of us to remember the Supreme Guru and Supreme Person several times a day.

    • Thanks Ravi. Although we met only once, I always feel lot closer to you! Your wishes and support matters to me a lot. I am very fortunate to know devotees like you. Thanks to this blog!

  8. Dear Mahesh
    Very excellent service This blog is bringing Maha periyava memories in various ways .Reading the Sage of Kanchi is like daily prayers without which we feel missing something. Prayers to Paramacharya for continuing your good work to reach many devotees in various countries.

  9. Thanks Mahesh for running this Blog. This is like newspaper. Reading happens everyday.

  10. Dear Mahesh,
    We are coming to this blog as a daily routine for the past one year. We pray to Maha Periyava for enabling you to continue this blog for many more years to come.

  11. Dear Mahesh,

    First ever thing in the morning I do on my laptop is to open this blog. This blog imbibes Maha Periyava smaranai into my life and helps lot in getting Siddha sutthi (this is my feeling).

    I seek blessings of Maha Periyava and Bhakthas to get into Satsangam and Aathma Sakshaathkaram.

    Maha Periyava Karunai, Maha Periyava paadham saranam.

  12. Great! All readers of this blog must be feeling very happy about this news. I visit this page daily. Of course its all because of the untiring efforts of your team and Periava behind, giving directions. What divine service you are rendering!! Sitting at home, we are easily having actual Darshan of Periava (this blog) ! How blessed we are! Does n’t it happen because of Periava’s Grace? Ananthakoti namaskarams, Periava!

  13. Thanks for the Blog, this has replaced my morning newspaper.


  15. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara. Congratulations Mr.Mahesh. How much this site has played its role in subtely & silently helping many of the sadhakas towards continuing in their endeavour & motivating to do the dharmic duties without fail. Pray Mahaperiyava and Kanchi Kamakoti Acharyals to keep showering their blessings to you & your team in continuing this yeoman service and make us to extract the nectar out of this devamritam. Sincere thanks & wishes

    • Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara. Congratulations Mr.Mahesh. How much this site has played its role in subtely & silently helping many of the sadhakas towards continuing in their endeavour & motivating to do the dharmic duties without fail – cannot be expressed simply in words. Pray Mahaperiyava and Kanchi Kamakoti Acharyals to keep showering their blessings to you & your team in continuing this yeoman service and make us to extract the nectar out of this devamritam. Sincere thanks & wishes

  16. I am daily reading your blog before starting my official work and personal work. Fresh energy reflects in my mind and also in my body . I donot know to write slokas about periyava. but Iam praying for him to give me a good mind for chanting the bhagavans name. I am feel verymuch that I dont see the periyavas before he attains Mukthi. Though he is present everywhere and giving his blessing to all of us there is some wound in my mind, that i am not getting a nayana dheekshai from him. If he comes atleast in my swapnam i will be attain very much happy. if I read the periyavas incidents with devotees, tears will authomatically comes from my eyes. dont stop your good sharing. You are doing the good job for the loka shema . and you are making the people in aanmeega way. and i am surprised that periyava is a nadamadum deivam in this century. but many people like me dont have the chance to meet him personally. i am a unlucky fellow. Now I see the sivasthanam in thenampakkam and do prayer for one hour in a periyavas room. that is my fortune. periyavas grace will always be showered on you. you are doing the pradosa mamas and shri. RA. Ganapathy duties.

    • If our prayers are strong, He will come and bless us in our dream. There are so many times He had come in my dream. It has been a long time since He came in my dream – that tells me that I need to do more Periyava bakthi and become qualified for His blessings.

    • I just noticed that you mentioned about Sri Pradosham mama and Ra Ga anna – it would be an apacharam if any of us are compared with them – they are saints. We are not even qualified to be a dirt on their feet.

      • How true. If it was not Sri Pradosham & Sri Ra Ganapathy Anna (now a days Ra Ga is termed something else in Media), we would never had even thought about Mahaperiyavaa, the extent to which we at least think about him today. Thanks to innumerable such disciples of Mahaperiyavaa including Thiru Veezhinathan Mama, Sri Ganesa Sarma mama (disciple of Pradosham Mama) for being part of his anugraham to share wealth of wisdom (Deivathin Kural) with less ordinary souls like me.

  17. Dear Sri.Mahesh & Team,
    Congratulations. With the blessings of Periyava, this TEAM will achieve many more laurels in the services of MahaPeriyava in the years to come. Sri MahaPeriyava Thiruvadi Charanam. We are blessed. Hara Hara Shankara ! Jaya Jaya Shankara!!!

  18. Dear Sri Mahesh…

    On this auspicious Anusham day it has touched 10 million views and shortly it would triple with the grace of Periyavas Katatcham. My wishes to all.

    “Harinarayana Duritha nivarana.. Paramananda…Sadasivasankara”

    Jaya Jaya Sankara…………… Hara Hara Sankara………….


  19. Best wishes for your Divine,noble and dedicated work to continue Shri.Mahesh and Shri.Sai Srinivasan.
    May you continue to receive the blessings of all our Periyava’s to keep this work going and to get better and better. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!.

  20. Super Darshan. FReally Mahaperiyava will bless you for the wonderful picture on this auspicious Anusham day.

    S. Chandrasekaran


    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara
    volunteer of Perambur sankaralayam
    celeberating GOLDEN JUBILEE CELBERATTIONS, doing Pidi Arisi Thittam,Dharma Upanayanam,Sunday SURYA namaskaram,Veda pata salai,contributing monthly 2 bags of rice to mylopore Sanskrit-veda patasala,Hospital services,distributing Rama Nama Books,north india touring doing vedic homas,etc,etc,,all Triveni HHH Acharyas.

  22. Mahesh Garu… Be blessed by Sri Maha Periva as always. Everybody has will, power, may be some time and money, but how many could able to reach to such sacred works that one you do through web medium? isn’t not blessings and direction of Maha Periva? We all ardent devotees of Maha Pariva but only a few chosen for sacred and dedicated work and you are one of the those.

    We are with you as always in your journey as long as we could hold our breath in this world.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara…………… Hara Hara Sankara………….

  23. What a journey Its beautiful Spiritually snd more than information or just being a blog it’s become like life member reading and knowing more about Mahaperivaa .
    What a way to read and know about so many devotees ..his shows how blessed in ever way.
    Thanks Mr.Mahesh to add meaning to our life with immense knowledge and giving us chance to read so much about our dear Mahaperivaa.
    Meanwhile I would still await my father’s video which u promised to post after interviewing.
    Perivaa Radio yet to try..ls guide How to go about it
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
    Kanchi Sankara Kamakshi Sankara

    • Thanks Lakshmi. Please listen to Periyava Radio. That is also going through a slow and steady growth….We are aggressively working on adding new contents…..Will update you all with some update on that front also…

      In the meantime, if you know some volunteers to work on radio project, please let me know at mk.netid@gmail.com. I really need some active volunteers there….

  24. Congratulations to sri.Mahesh and team for this great work. I am a regular reader,since last one year. How to view the archive sir? I have a request sir. We may be given the opportunity to read about Sri periava also,if possible. Pranams to swami. Ramasubramanian sk

  25. Congratulations!! I am sure this blog will reach many more milestones in the near future. Keep up the good work!

  26. Best wishes. May this continue to have the Blessings of Periyava and reach billions of viewers and Periyava devotees !
    R Balasubramanian , CHENNAI 59.

  27. May the blessings of MahaperiyVaa be upon them all, may they be sensitive enough to inspire others in making the world a better place to live in….
    Jaya Jaya Sankara, hara hara Sankara.

  28. Dear Shri Mahesh-ji,
    Great to know about the one Crore views achieved by the blog.
    All due to Blessings and Grace of Mahaa Periavaa as stated by you.
    I am a silent follower of the blog right from 2009.
    Those initial days, we used to wait for your posts which used to be only one or two in a day and some days due to your pre occupation with work there won’t be any posts at all and within a day or two, your posts will start coming in more numbers to offset the non-posts days.
    But nowadays thanks to Sri Sai Srinivasan, we are getting regularly minimum three posts daily even if you are away on Kailasa Yatra, etc.
    We are truly blessed to be part of this Great Blog and I have added my family members to receive the Daily Posts who all cherish the Greatest News Views etc. Of Mahaa Periavaa.
    We pray to Mahaa Periavaa to continue to bless all of us to keep continue on His Smaranam everyday. As the eternal sanaadhana Dharma, the Hindu Religion, this blog with the Blessings of Mahaa Periavaa, will never have any end and the viewership will continue to increase multifold in the days ahead.
    Thanks to You, Shri Sai Srinivasan and the Team behind Sage of Kanchi blog,
    With humble Pranaams,
    Doraiswamy Ganesh from Mumbai (earlier from Bangalore).

  29. I am sure I write for many of us that visiting this page is daily if not many times daily routine. It takes us to a better place – His place..

    Thank you for taking us closer to Him


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