Mettur Swamigal was pulling the Rickshaw!


mettur-swamigal-rarest2 One of the rarest pictures of Mettur Swamigal. He is seen second from the right. Mahaperiyava is at the left most.

rickshaw-yatra-people2 Must have been a Rickshaw like this.

mettur-swamigal2 HH Mettur Swamigal

mettur-swamigals-padam Mettur Swamigal’s Lotus Feet. How beautiful.

Hari Om! I had an opportunity to spend few hours with HH Sri Mettur Swaamyji! At that point of time HH our Sri Guru Paramaatma Sri Paramaacharya was on the way to Kanchi from Vempalli Kadapa dist AP; HH Sri Mettur Swaamyji was pulling the rickshaw and HH Sri Paramaacharya was walking right behind the rickshaw! HH Sri Baalu Swaamyji was walking just by the side of HH Sri Paramaacharya! Sri Mettur Swaamyji whilst pulling the rickshaw enquired about dehydrated/ precooked processed foods! I could cherish those lingering moments and in fact I could feel as if it happened just a while back! Victory victory victory to Paraatpara SriParamaacharya!!! Thanks to Sri Paramaacharya…

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  1. “pulling the rickshaw enquired about dehydrated/ precooked processed foods! ” I couldn’t follow this, I will be thankful if anybody could throw light on this.

    with humble respects,

  2. In the first photo, on right side corner, is it Sri Narayana Sastrigal of West Mambalam near Ayodhya Mandapam?

  3. I had a rare opportunity to meet Mettur Swamigal at Govindapuram. I had been to samaveda patasala at Thiruvenkadu and the Ganapadigal there asked me to have the dharsan of Mettur Swamigal on my way to my home town viz., coimbatore. I was totally stunned to see the Swamigal. He was extremely lean and almost akin to a thandam wearing a kavi vesti. He accepted the fruits given by me and went to his room. I was disappointed that I could not talk to him. But he came back and started talking on our country. He was very clear that out of the three enemies we are facing, the most dangerous is westernisation of India resulting in destruction of our culture. He said we have to immediately fight against this atrocious total westernisation. He said we can withstand conversion done by christians and Muslim attacks. His words are still ringing in my ears. He also advised to read at least one page of Deivathin Kural everyday.

  4. Vandanam at the Lotus Feet of this Great Mahan. Thank you very much for sharing these rare photos which are a treasure for me.


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