Periyava Quiz – How many Snanams and Tharpanams should be done on Deepavali?


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Kudos to all Periyava devotees who poured in their responses with great details on the last question. Really glad to see so many insightful responses! Here is the answer for people who have not checked it out,

According to Periyava, Who was responsible for the collapse of Varnashrama Dharma? 

Ans:- Brahmins (Click HERE to find out more on why Periyava said so)


Next question

How many Snanams and Tharpanams should be done on Deepavali?

  1. One Snanam, One Tharpanam
  2. Two Snanams, Four Tharpanams
  3. Three Snanams, Four Tharpanams
  4. Three Snanams, One Tharpanam
  5. Three Snanams, Five Tharpanams
  6. Four Snanams, Five Tharpanams
  7. All of the above
  8. None of the above

Beware, this question may trip you 🙂 Answers are in Deivathin Kural, mark your answer with a brief explanation. Ram Ram

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  1. In a day you can only perform one Pithru tharpanam provided it is Amavasya. If the Deepavali festival falls on Thula 1st day, even then only one tharpanam. If Diwali comes on poorna Chathurdasi then we have to perform Yama Tharpanam. If solpa Chathurdasi, this tharpanam will come on the previous day.

  2. Perhaps it is two snanams and two tarpanams [pithru tarpanam because of amavasya, and Yama tarpanam]

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