Creepers of Compassion

Ra Ganapathi


About an year back, we published a series of articles under the title “Penmai”. This book was written by Sri Ra Ganapathi. This should have been part of Dheivathin Kural and for some unknown reason, this came out as a separate book – some dheiva sankalpam. Subsequently, this book was translated to English under the title “Creepers of Compassion” and was released on Feb17, 2015 on Sri Ra Ganapathi’s memorial day.

I have been receiving several enquiries about the soft copy of the book. I found this online and sharing with you all…If this is violating any copyright issue, please let me know, I will take this down.

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  1. Thank you kindly for posting. Some pages are missing. Here is the link to the full version, courtesy of those who are taking pains to publish/distribute it:

  2. Can you kindly guide me to download the PDF file in Tamil if available Regards

  3. sorry, typing error. please ignore my prev. post. correct address: veda prakaasanam, madurai sami madam street, (opp) sembium fire station, perambur, chennai – 11 ph: 99405 52516 mail:

  4. madurai sami madam street, (opp) sembium street, perambur, chennai – 11 ph: 99405 52516 mail:

  5. dear mr mahesh. I would like to purchase this book. Can you please guide me the address or email id or contact number so that I can order the same.  regards B. Murthy Act without fear, if your conscience says right. Truth always triumph.

  6. Thank you.

  7. dear mahesh,


    it is good job, no doubt.

    we, veda prakaasanam, have brought out the printed version. it would be helpful to publish our address also, so devotees can buy the book from us.

    our contact is: veda prakaasanam, 64, madurai sami madam street, (opp) sembium fire station, perambur, chennai – 11. ph: 99405 52516 / 88071 60351. email /


    – t. sridharan

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