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  1. Navarathri’s, Mahimai, Very useful guide, to follow. Three days been conducted as per MahaPerivaa Krupa. Yesterday, before starting the Pooja, completion of Madhayanigam, had the Surya Dharshan ‘jokhsha Suryham Drusey’ had the Red Mango size vision and middle of that MahaPerivaa walking with his Safforn robe briskly with his blessed hand,(this happened during the Surya Darsan) then walked to the Pooja of Navarathri’s Nayagi Srim Indirani with Avahanam, Chanting LalithA Trisathi etc.This I am fortunate do in Charlotte, NC, USA, on a 6 month visit to my 2nd sons place. I may be pardonedfor refer self, at this juncture, but to record the efforts WordPress.com doing the background work for all the Devotees to get benefitted. Iam grateful for the support fro Sri Guru Mahaa Perivaa Kamakoti Peetam.

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