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  2. Was fortunate to witness the Swarnabishekam on that memorable day. I can never forget the thanks giving pose of Sarveswaran responding with folded hands at the fag end of that function. Many wondered and even asked ” Why should He greet the on lookers there who were all ardent devotees at His beck and call. ?” It struck me later that perhaps He was thanking the Brahman in each of us as a true Advaithic Philosopher & sage or that He was witnessing Devi Kamakshi or Lord Mahalingam among the crowd who came to grace the function in person incognito. These memories are more valuable than the coin and bring us closer to Him, all by His grace.

  3. Is it possible for me to get one with Sri Maha Periyava’s anugraham? My email id: hemakish@hotmail.com
    Thanks. Maha Periyava Thiruvadi charanam.

  4. Will I be able to get one coin please? Where can I get them?

  5. Namaskarams. Mahaperiyava Anugrahathil Darisikka mudindhadhu. Like that, one coin or one vilva dhalam Mahaperiyava Anugrahathil kidaikka Prarthikiraen. Mahaperiyava Anugraham. Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara !

    Mail ID: santhavasan@gmail.com

  6. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  7. Let me know if anyone can spare. Read to compensate. My email id is skalva@gmail.com.

  8. i need one coin. though it is highly valuable ( invaluable – cannot measured ) i am willing to pay the cost for the same. my email id nrajiyer@gmail.cpm

  9. I have it with me.my Parents witnessed this abhishekam.

  10. Thanks. 1st time seeing very closely. Have seen in Youtube the grand occasion of this event.

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