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I am sure many of you have seen this photo before. I have seen this and also if I am right, there is a video clip of this also part of “Sage of Kanchi” documentary movie. Until this morning, I was under the impression that this scene was remade with an actor. Only today I came to know that there is no actor here and what we see is none other than our ummachi thatha walking on this bridge with barefoot! Thanks to Sri Kumar of Vignesh studio who told me this. I was shocked when I heard that. It is a very very risky thing to do as the wind is pretty strong and with no shoes etc, one does not get any grip and it appears that Periyava must be in his 70s or even 80s when He walked! I dont know how long Periyava walked. When I googled for Pamban bridge railway line, I got many pictures and they are very long tracks….

Only Periyava can do all these!



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  1. He is the most consummate personification of the steadfastness and austerity and an all pervading concern for the welfare of the entire living community of the planet.

  2. There is a belief that Mahaperiyava did not cross the sea as it amounts to going out of Karma Bhoomi, He did not even visited Mumbai. Has he really gone to Rameswaram>?

    • Periyava chose to cross by foot as He was in touch with ground thro the Rail Bridge which doesnt amount to crossing the seas. Many of us had known for sure as there are umpteen incidents in connection with His visit.For instanbce He chose to wear Khadi only at Rameshvaram by discarding the mill spun dhoti

      • Even mumbai was connected by road but Periyava did not come to Mumbai ..why ? If the argument is given that Rama went to Rameshwaram , then Rama came to Mumbai also (Banaganga)

  3. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Very much saddened to realise how much difficult it would have been for Maha Periyava to have walked the distance of Pamban Bridgeacross the rails to reach Rameswaram and have Dharshan of Sri Ramalinga Swamy! He Did it for our sake and such KaruNai overcoming personal suffering is real Sacrifice!

  4. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara ” Kadalai Kadanthavar nam ellorum samsara kadalai kadakka anugraham panna vendum. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  5. Moreover, three times Periyava has Pilgrimaged across India, what I have read from Deivathin Kual and other sources, so it may be on any one time or at a time when the rails were laid and waiting for the
    operation to start. This is all only guess work and only official Sri Matam records or close associates and aides who were assisting Periyava can answer this.

  6. Photograph appears lucrative, and I have no questions on Mahaperiyavas Pilgrimage, but such a Great Saint and Head of the Kanchi Mutt, to walk such a distance on rough seas without other support railings, if it has happened, then that is sheer negligence from the part of who ever has organised it or the respective authorities, but any how, if it is only a trail walk for his Holy Feet to be on the rails for fewer distance, then it would be an apt photograh. Any way this is only my personal view at this juncture and is not debatable or am not open for arguments as this is only my personal view.

  7. Mahesh, this may still be a set-up. Please read the article within the below link. It seems to indicate this was shot later and not during Periyava’s time. Moreover, Periyava visited Rameshwaram around 1920-21, when color photography or videography was not available.

    • Periyava again visited in 1960s when Shodasa Ganapathis were consecrated along with Marble Adisankara about which Periyava had given a true life story about Pillayar’s lilas in Deivathin Kural

  8. What devotion you have is wonderful. But few truths you please know. I saw a video documentary produced by Gana boomi Marian on his centenary. This coverage must be taken from that. His video coverages are after 1950s by Sri trichy J Sadagopan. In those days Kamakoti pradeepa, a monthly issue contains advertisements of one document containing many video coverages of Maha swamigal., especially ilayathangudi saraswathi, etc
    Then on his centenary I saw a video coverage presentation made by Mr. R. Nagasami, Arceology, in Meseum theatre.
    R natarajan

  9. I remember to have read i n a book that the railway authorities had provided a special trolley for Periyava to cross the bridge. I wonder whether colourphotography was available those days. Or this one could have been Periyava’s Yarra in a later period..
    No doubt, Periyava was capable of defying all impossibilities..!

  10. Peranandham to read the News and the Picture on MahaPerivaa walked on the Pamban Bridge, also the comments by thefllowers comments apt .

  11. Only God can do. He is God. I believe He is Parameswaran .

  12. I remember my dad saying that some wooden slabs were laid in the tracks for the full stretch of the bridge by the railways dept, inorder to make walking easy for periyava.

  13. Sir, I agree with you except for one sentence!
    Only today I came to know that there is no actor here and what we see is none other than our ummachi thatha.

    Who is a better actor than Him. He has always been a consummate actor. Fooled almost all saying that whatever wonders he did was only the act of God and he has nothing to do.

    Apara Karuna Sindhum, gyanatham shantha roopinam.

    A very few understood His real identity like Pradosham Mama

  14. Thanks for clarifying Mahesh! I also thought it was a scene remade with an actor (especially since the photo was taken from behind), although I did not doubt that He would have walked the bridge.

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