Guru Dakshina – a Video album on Periyava

Extraordinarily well-done video song by Mr.V.V.Prasanna and Smt.Shanthi Suresh – fine job…Looking forward to having the other songs after the release.

Thanks for sharing this song as a preview for all of us!

This song is one of the song out of the 10 songs from the Devotional Album
“Guru Dakshina” sung by  which is
being released on 24th Sept at 4 PM at Music Academy, Chennai.

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  1. Nice song and Divine Places Dharshan! Maha Periyava Bless us all! i feel that a portion of the proceeds of the sale of this Bhakthi video will go for Divine purposes. The points given by Sri Sai Srinivasan, Sri sankara and sri Sriram Balaji are well taken. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya jaya Shankara!

  2. Heart melting song because it is on our Mahaperiyava so it should be like this only My namaskarams to the Sage

  3. Dear sirs vv great work to present our GURU CAN we listen other presentations murthy

    On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 12:14 AM, Sage of Kanchi wrote:

    > Mahesh posted: “Extraordinarily well-done video song by Mr.V.V.Prasanna > and Smt.Shanthi Suresh – fine job…Looking forward to having the other > songs after the release. Thanks for sharing this song as a preview for all > of us! This song is one of the song out of the 10 ” >

  4. beautiful song.

  5. Beautiful video. Really very well done.

    I do not want to sound nit picky but cannot help remember what Sri Periyava says in Deivathin Kural.

    The male lead singer Shri Prasanna could have taken a little more care with his looks. He seems to be a Brahmin as he was wearing Yajnopaveetham. In the entire video I never see him with Vibuthi or any Tilak. We also see him sporting Sideburns and mustache; a quality Periyava did not like in Brahmins. If it is a movie or some other irrelevant video this could have been dismissed but in a Bhakthi video this becomes paramount.

    Wearing our dharmic symbols is very essential as stated by Sri Periyava in Karma Margam section of Deivathin Kural. Bhakthi along with right bhavam and attire is important not only for Aathma Suddhi but also act as role-model for future generations.

    I’m not sure if you any of him know in person; if you do know please do convey this feedback. Let this message not be construed in any other spirit than it is intended. Thanks. Ram Ram

    • Ram Ram. I am amazed at the depth of your comments and wonder how this singer – Mr.VVP (may be VVIP suits better!) was not advised on these points by people at Thenambakkam and Orirukkai. I am not sure if this video shooting happened after the demise of Shri.Vaitha Maama who I would assume would have advised them to take care of these basics. I am not surprised by the commercial focus of these institutions which is run mostly through the fund support of the elites in local and abroad. On a larger note, I feel these we should learn to not but not react as these are expected as part of commercialization of Periyava’s brand.

      A humble feeling I have is: Mahaperiyava was, is and will be Mahaperiyavaa despite of these commercialization. Millions respected Mahaperiyavaa for his simplicity and perhaps would have preferred to stay from the artifitial limelight celebrations and products like these.

      • I agree with what all you have said.

        We do not have to react but have to respond appropritely. It is important for us to point out in a polite manner what is right as told by Sri Periyava since this may have been an oversight or someone felt it is not that important. We all learn from Deivathin Kural and share which was the intent behind this message. Ram Ram

      • I am an ardent devotee of Sri Kanchi Mahaswami and was moved by the way the places connected with Sri Mahaswami has been showcased in the video. In fact, I have made several visits to Sri Sankara Mutt Kancheepuram to pay my obeisance at the Adhistanam. Only after viewing this video, I have come to know about the other important places connected with Sri Mahaswami. To know more details, I contacted few of Sri Mahaswami’s devotees who have explained to me that Thenambkkam (Sivasthanam) is the place where Sri Mahaswami did Mouna Virath for more than 18 months! In the same place there is Brahmapureeswarar Temple. Sri Mahaswami has done Anushtanam in the temple tank shown in the video. The other place is Orikkai which is located on the banks of the river Palar and a beautiful temple fully built using only granite and dedicated to Sri Mahaswami is there. I could gather these details about the places because there has been mention about the places Sri Mahaswami’s blessed place Orikkai and Sri Mahaswami’s Tapas Thenambakkam only after watching the video. I did not find link to any trust asking for contribution and to say there is commercial element involved in this is difficult to agree. In fact the effort put by the singers and their team is laudable as the important places connected with the life of the Great Saint Sri Kanchi Mahaswami has been musically depicted and is a visual treat.

        I am sure many devotees like me will get to know these details and will make it a point to visit these paces during their next visit to Kancheepuram. I am given to understand that they are located within a radius of 5 KM from Sri Sankara Mutt.
        Sriram balaji.r

      • Dear Sriram,

        I agree that there will be a mix of good takeaways in such videographs. The commercialization aspect is so subtle and advertising agencies have doctored it. It’s in their blood. First of all, If you understood the video is sponsored by Arun Excello Group – their name is not in the credits but appears right at the beginning. If they sponsored this project there is absolutely no problem in them doing so. Secondly, there is an increased focus on the two singers at every point of the video even in mahaperiyava sannidhis. We have reached a point now – if people package things with high quality video, audio and everything Dharma and simplicity can be overlooked. It’s great that you understood the significance of these places and I wish you get the opportunity to visit the serene environment at Thenambakkam and possibly when there is less crowd to feel the vibrance of Mahaperiyavaa in the air you breathe there.

        I am not at all blaming anyone for this commercialization. It has become the order of the day. I would like to wait and find out who is selling these albums and whether the proceeds go to any dharma kaingarya or not. So long as they do some dharma raksha, it is good for them. Else, periyavaa will certainly guide them to do so, eventually.

        Pranams. Ram Ram.

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