Sar in typography drawing

I was amazed when I saw what he did!! He tried with “Typography” technique – used “Sivasagarathil Alaigal” contents for writing!! What a brilliant idea!!! To appreciate this drawing one has to see this from a distance and then come closer for the details…

Only Umesh can come up with such a brilliant idea and also perfect delivery. All due to the blessings of Periyava and Sar!!!

Here are more details from him
“The sketch was done during His Jayanthi in Mar 2016 and don’t know the reason for not completing. Now, suddenly an idea came to convert the available Sar’s sketch into typography instead of regular painting.
It took lot of time for planning (to draw lines with equal space for writing without affecting the basic sketch, 8-9 hours last Saturday…also practiced  to write in Sar’s hand writing but failed!!!! ). Then the content writing and coloring was done on two nights….Sunday and yesterday entire night.”

Thanks for this great work and sharing with us.

This is going to be my mobile wallpaper for some time!!!


18 Sivan Sar Sketch Typography.jpg

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  1. Excellant piece of artistic work. Thanks for putting it for view by others. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  2. Wow No words to express my emotions. Anantha Koti Namaskrangal to Sri.Sivan Sar

  3. Amazing

  4. Marvellous great tribute

  5. Open the picture in a photo viewer/editor, then zoom out.
    It is a brilliant piece of work. I came to know about Sivan sar very recently & within days I got this magnificent work of art.

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