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Two days back, I received an email from a devotee of Sri Vittaldas from Govindapuram. I called him to know the details…He was talking about gho-rakshanam and plans to expand their ghosala to house more cows that are rescued from slaughterhouses. With whatever little knowledge/experience I have, I provided some inputs to him. I also promised him that I would do whatever possible from our blog perspective to support. He was talking about forming up a proper organization/trust that would have committed members who would pledge to support this in a long-run. I agreed that it is  a great starting point. He sounded like they are starting to think in this direction

Today, when I was looking for something, I ran into this video by Sri Vittal Das Maharaj. He  talks so nicely about this project. It seems that this project is taking some shape…

At this point, this is only informational as I do not know whom to contact and how to register etc. Once I have those information, I will share it in the blog for all of us to participate.

Aum Namo Narayana!

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  1. If this is still active, I would like to participate. Please feedback.

  2. If this is still active, I would like to participate. Please feedback.

  3. I am a Periyava devotee too, would plead with you to please have this vetted by our people in Bodhendral Athistanam, Govindarapuram or the Sankara Mutt, Govindapuram. Rs.30 Lakhs (3000 x 1000) per month and every month thereafter is a lot of hard earned amount in a dharmic way and this quantum contribution by Periyava devotees should be used judiciously, in line with Periyava’s dharmic way of life !

  4. Respected Sir, We would like to join in the above dharma. Pl. inform us as to how to go about it Thanking u, Regards, Mrs. Ramanathan

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  5. Dear Mahesh
    Many thanks for extending this oppurtunity
    I definitely want to nominate myself to donate on monthly basis. I shall meanwhile see if i can get a few more introduced to this
    I shall plan to visit them annually with family to do best of our services we can do

  6. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Dear SirWe are glad to participate in this noble endeavor .We confirm we will give Rs 1000 per month Our name and address as belowLatha NatarajanKGEYES TejasFlat 1A 12-B Balakrishna RoadValmiki NagarThiruvanmiyurChennai 600041Cell no 9940549513Mail idlatanat@yahoo.comThanks and regardsLatha Natarajan Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  7. Please read devas as ‘Sevas’

  8. Mahesh,
    I had been to this Goshaala as recently on 09/09/2016.
    It is one of the best maintained Goshalas in the country.
    Only the Goshala at ISCON HQ at Mayapur (WB) had more cows than this.

    I was enquiring with them about Godhaanam.
    The lady in the Goshaala told us that they have various devas for the goshala.
    But did not mention anything about the aspect mentioned to you by that devotee.
    However she added that any update will be published in their website ‘’.
    I checked the website and they have published a list of devas where they accept donations online.
    You can also check their main website ‘’
    So better we wait for the formal announcements by them and then do the needful.

  9. I am ready to Join… Please share to whom I should mail or call..

  10. i suggest that we all wait till we get more clarity on this before we move forward. I will share some more updates soon…

  11. I am a CA in Chennai. I can help to register the organisation. Kindly take it forward.

  12. Sri Mahesh
    Anxious to have further details on whom to write to you regarding our willingness to participate and other details as you are aware of

    Being an instrument in spreading this news is itself a great seva for which your blog is always a forerunner

    This is not a request but an order from Mahaperiva

    All of us remember the occasion when Mahaperiva came to know that some thousands of cows were to be deported for slaughtering in a faraway land He asked one of the devotees to arrange to buy all those cows and bring them to India, This incident you may kindly or anybody who is in the know of this bring it to the blog


  13. Mr Mahesh,
    Namaskaram, please forward me the details on how I can send some donation on a monthly basis to help this Divine Seva. Radhe Krishna! Sri Maha Periyava Sharanam.


  14. Mahaperiyava ”s grace will definitely get to the right finish! Yes wonderful thought. I wish I could be a part of this. Kindly let us know if there are more information on this on where to send the confirmation. The blog always gives us way to participate in Mahaperiyava’ ‘s kaikaryam. Hope we get to know more on this as well soon. Regards Arthi

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