“The Three Crores Wealth in Kanchi!”






“Do you know that there are Three Crores in Kanchi?”, quipped Kanchi Mahaperiyava to Devotees. They were eager to know what the Three Crores were and asked Him.

He explained thus:

“1) Above the inner Sanctum Sanctorum in Kanchi Kamakshi Temple is the Kamakoti Gopuram.

2) Above the inner Sanctum Sanctorum in Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple is the Rudrakoti Gopuram.

3) And above the inner Sanctum Sanctorum in Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal Temple is the Punyakoti Gopuram.”

These are the Three Crores in Kanchi!”

In Tamil, Koti means a Crore rupees; it also means a Part or Portion in Tamil!  Swamigal was playing with the two meanings for the same word!

The Golden Kamakoti is seen in the first picture, followed by the Golen Rudrakoti and then Punyakoti!

If we go to Kanchi, let us take these Three Crores Kotis by having darshan with our Eyes! :)))

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5 replies

  1. Innumerable Crores Blessings from the Gods and Maha Periyava! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. Mahaperiyava = 10 crores.,
    Puduperiyava= 10 crores.,
    Balaperiyava = 10 crores…….Come to Srimadam and take this 30 crores with you.,
    It is available to all…..

  3. Thanks for the thrikoti share, making us crorepatis..


    R Balasubramanian

  4. ஸமர விஜய கோடீ சாதகானந்த தாடீ
    ம்ருதுகுண பரிபாடீ முக்யகாதம்ப வாடீ
    முனிநுத பரிபாடீ மோஹிதாஜாண்ட கோடீ
    பரமசிவ வதூடீ பாது மாம் காமகோடீ

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