Mahendramangalam Temple to be renovated, Swamigal had visited this!




Mahendramangalam is 30 kms from Namakkal town in Tamil Nadu. Mahaperiyava studied the Vedas in this town from 1911 to 1914. The owner of the house where Kanchi Mahaperiyava studied the Vedas, Shri Kuvalakkudi Singam Iyengar, has taken a vow not to use that holy house for any other purpose, as Swamigal had studied the Vedas there.

There is a 1500 year old Chandramouleeshwara temple in Mahendramangalam. In 1960 when Mahaperiyava visited the temple, He found it to be damaged and hence was keen to have it renovated. But that work could not happen and was hampered due to various reasons. 

The Renovation of the temple has been planned now. Devotees can take part in this noble task.

Please contact 99403 67222 for more details.

The below folks can also be reached:

Sri Kamakoti Seva Samithi Trust
No.17A, Seethamma Road, Alwarpet, 

Chennai – 600 018, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone :…

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2 replies

  1. I think this one is on the left side of main road from Trichy. 100 feet from main road on the way to Cauvery..I saw one year back it requires renovation. Inside the agraharam one patasala building renovated and to be started an year back. Confirm if I am correct.

  2. I may be excused… I may be wrong. May I know how fresh is this News Paper cutting
    the appeal and the Photo?.

    To the my best of my knowledge and belief , this temple has been renovated . wE visitedd this temple.
    while work was in progress IN FULL SWING.., , and other related places connected with HH Sri Maha Periyavas stay
    during His initial Vedabhyasam in this serene place….5 YEARS AGO IN 2011.

    One of the very interesting incident, in Mahendra Mangalam, is ….once.when Veda teaching was in progress on the banks
    of the River Cauvery, Teacher was teaching, and Maha Periyava as a child student, was inattentive
    and seem to be with the sand in hands. ( so felt the Teacher) He was angry and stopped
    teaching, told the Jagatguru, that his work of teaching is over, and he wanted to return and started
    packing his things. I am not going further as this story must be known to it is popular in
    in various books and lectures.

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