Update on Chicago Periyava event

It was one fine day in Chicago where we all gathered to do a special vedic welcome to Mahaperiyava vigraham with the blessings of Kanchi Acharyas.

Devotees not just from Chicago alone attended – folks from NC, NJ, Indianapolis, Atlanta came exclusively to attend this event. Great set of volunteers who passionately worked in making this a great day! We were blessed with having both Sivasri Chandrasekara Gurukkal and Brahmasri Yagneswara Dikshitar to conduct the event. Brahmasri Ravi Bhat of Sri Saibaba mandir also joined the event. All these vaideekas are great devotees of Mahaperiyava.

I was so delighted to see volunteers from outside of Chicago sponsored on several things – vilvam, mala, vastram, etc. This event made me realize that devotees around the US are keen on ensuring that this event goes smooth!

I saw several devotees, whom I have never seen before in Chicagoland, attending the event. To each of them, Periyava had played some role in their lives. I personally see that this event has ignited devotees of Chicagoland to come together for Periyava events. Several devotees have reached out to me for including their names for anusham celebrations in the future. I hope this satsang grows, gets stronger in the months/years to come. Each and everyone in the crowd felt that Periyava is pratyaksham in Chicagoland with the arrival of the vigraham.

Everyone at the event were talking just about the tatroopam and the “azhagu” of Periyava! For the first time, I thought I should do “drishti” for Periyava – do people even do that? I am really curious.

This is one day that will stay in my memory for a long time!

Also I would like to know what is the procedure to be followed when Periyava leaves and reenters anyone’s house. I normally do deeparadhanai before leaving the house and arathi when He returns home. I remember in one interview that a mami mentioned about breaking coconut before and after Periyava leaves/enters the Sri Matam. Can someone guide?

I have shared some photos and videos. More photos are to come from one more person who took a lot of great photos…Will share once they are in. Unfortunately, none recorded the abishekam to padhukas and panchaloka vigraham. On the video, I did not want to edit the Rudra Trisati chanting – so the video has the full chanting…Please feel free to skip some portions if you are in a rush!

I once again thank each and individual devotee who attended, volunteered for the event. My heartfelt thanks to outstation devotees who flew into Chicago just for this – much much much appreciated!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. @Mahesh, can you pls email me the address where we can come and have Darshan of Periyava

  2. Very beautiful and Divine! Maha Bhagyam to see! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava Bless us all!

  3. very nice to see periyava .good arrangements& good photos. Let divine grace for all . Pl. keep it with satsang .S.Balachandran

  4. Enjoyed seeing both photos and vedio. Really nice to see.

  5. Thank you very much for giving us this Darisanam through photos and videos

  6. Added some more photos!!!

  7. Periyava looks so Happy in the pictures. I really enjoyed seeing Him smiling all through,! First of all very happy to see all periyava devotees. I feel Mahesh Anna you should create a video on how it all started. It will really be very nice to see how periyava arrived there from the beginning. If it sounds OK to you. Regards Arthi

  8. The function was a grand success. Words fail to describe the bliss experienced by us to have been there and to have had the divine darshan of Mahaperiayaval so beautifully adorned with the kireetam, garlands, and welcomed in the traditional vedic manner. The holy chanting of Sri Rudram and the veda mantras filled the air. It was very well organized and conducted on a grand scale by Mahesh & Bhuvana along with the outstanding support and team work of all the Periayava devotees. It was a great pleasure for us to get to know and spend time with one and all and many thanks for being so gracious, helpful and providing a great Periayava satsang experience. It was really invigorating to see the spirit of selfless service and devotion to our Acharyas. We look forward to be able to participate in many more such events.

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

  9. Mahesh, You resonated my thoughts about “Drishti” for Periyava,It was a great event, well organized by “HIM”. Blessed are all those that attended in person or had Manah darshanam! — Regards Ramya Chandrashekhar


  11. koti koti namaskarams to Kanchi Mahaperiavaa….chi. Mahesh and his team deserve all appreciation for their relentless efforts…..

  12. Maha baagyam to see the holy event Anna

  13. Sashtanga Namaskarams to Maha Periyava installed there.Thanks to Shri Magesh and his team.

  14. Superb event

  15. Dear mr.mahesh,
    Kudos to you and your team..we have been eagerly waiting to see these photos.

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