Periyava Mahimai newsletter – Aug 2016

We often talk about the future of Hindu religion etc. Periyava here tells how preserving this religion is in our hands by doing our anushtanams properly. As long as we are following our anushtanams nothing will happen to our religion – even if pralayam comes! I just translated the punch line in English for the benefit of non-Tamil readers.


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  1. Precisely! I do not much worry about conversions etc. I feel these things are happening because of non-performance of our nithya-karma-anushtaanams. As such there is no point in blaming those who are selling their JC in street corners calling out to “hey you sinners”. I feel this is part of yuga-dharmam. It has to happen for Dharma to degenerate and for Kali to take an iron grip on our affairs. Our nithya karma-anushtaanams impact Kali in geometrical proportions. If we do, good for our dharma, if we don’t bad for us. When I cannot enforce Sandhyavandanam in my own house [I mean among my own boys] — what can I say about others? After having tried my best, I just sit back and watch Kali’s dance. It is their Karma that’s clouding their intellect, their wisdom — howmuchsoever their beloved father may want them to tread the right path!

    • Namaskaram mama,

      I completely agree with you….My parents were like you for a long time. I never did sandhyavandhanam during school/college days. Only much later, I learnt it from my father and now I do at least dwikalam if not trikalam for the past 20 years. I truly believe that Periyava will bring these kids in the circle soon…..There are so many Maheshs in the world who picked up bit late….It is always better than never, right?

  2. Sri Maha Periyava anugraham paripoornam. Blessed are those who get the divine grace of Sri Swamigal.
    Janakiraman. nagapattinam.

  3. Periyava saranam.

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