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  1. Father and son

  2. splendid sketch wow…………….!

  3. Superb! Sri Ganesaaya Namaha! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Fine sketch by sri Vijay Anand. Thanks for posting it. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  5. Thank you all.

  6. Very well drawn picture..great piece of work…Keep improving..

  7. beautiful sketch

  8. Super Sketch. Periavah’s article is first chapter in all the seven volumes of Theivathin Kural!

  9. Beautiful sketch by Shri Vijay Anand !!!

  10. Super Ultimate

  11. Maha Periavalum, Bala Ganapathium …

  12. Awesome…


  14. Excellent!

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