Maha Kshethram Maha Kumbhabhishekham Invitation – Sri Abirami Amman Sametha Sri Punniyakoteeswarar – Dec. 5 2016

A Maha Ksethram Kumbabishekam…

Periyava Karyam


ஸ்ரீ அபிராமி அம்மன் சமேத ஸ்ரீ புண்ணியகோடீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – A very important temple Kumbabishekam coming up in the next few months (Dec 5 2016). This temple has so much significance including Sri Maha Periyava emphasizing the importance of all of us to visit this Kshethram. Tons of effort has been put in by Smt. Mahalakshmi Subramanian Mami who along with the villagers has taken up the monumental task of completing this temple renovation and Maha Kumbabishekam. However, she cannot do it alone and needs our help. Kindly request all Periyava devotees to come together and show your support for this great cause.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to our Sathsang seva volunteer for typing up the significance of this kshethram as well as translating in English for all non-Tamizh readers. Maha Kumbabishekam invitation is posted down at the bottom.

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  1. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Where exactly is the temple? That has not been mentioned. Please do. Janakiraman.Nagapattinam.

    • Ram Ram Sir,

      Please click on the View original post at the bottom and you will see all information regarding the temple including address, phone, etc. The content has also been translated in English. I’m providing it here again for your ref.

      Festival: Chitra Pournami is celebrated in a grand manner.

      Temple Open Times: Morning 9AM to 12.30PM; Evening 6PM to 7PM.

      Address: Arulmigu Punniyakotiyappar Thirukkoil, Thiruvidaivaasal – 613702, Aththikadai vazhi, Kudavaasal Thalukka, Thiruvaroor District

      Phone: +91 – 4366-232 853; 94433 32853; 99431 52999

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