Greece Princess Irene with Bala Periyava!


Princess Irene of Greece

Five decades ago, members of a royal family from Greece met Kanchi Paramacharya HH Chandrashekarendra Saraswati Swamigal at Machilipatnam in the district. The family came as seekers of truth. The spiritual voyage was supremely worthwhile. Since then, the family has continued to attend the programmes being organised by the Kanchi Mutt all these years.

Clad in maroon red saree and vermilion on her forehead, Princess Irene, recollected, “We met Paramacharya 50 years ago at Machilipatnam. I am glad to visit Andhra Pradesh again.” Recounting that they came to know about the greatness of Indian philosophy through Indian philosopher TMP Mahadevan, 

Ms. Irene said that her family has been organising seminars and meetings on philosophy for the last five decades. The Vedas and Indian philosophy alone could show path of peace to the world. The Vedas were a rich source of knowledge. The Vedas belong to everyone. The Vedic life was above caste, region, religion and country. World peace can be achieved by following Vedic life, she said, adding one can see God in every human being if he or she sheds ego.

Kanchi Shankaracharya HH Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal said that the Vedas contained essence of every faith. It was the duty of every citizen to protect the cow, He said.
Greece Princess Irene is seen addressing a gathering at Labbipet Venkateswara Swamy temple in Vijayawada on Thursday August 25th, 2015.

Source: The Hindu

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  1. Perivale kadhi avaa padharthiku kodi namaskaram and all not enough

  2. Maha periva is a really powerful dheivam he is still alive and protecting me he is onlymahaan whom do i pray for my goodness now maha periva is in the form of bala periva many times i had seen paramacharya in bala periva

    • Perivalai manadhinul ninaihal ava paripuranama namai kadashippa

    • Om sri chandramouleeswaraya namaha

    • Bala periva nigaithiya miracle oru2masam munnadi bala periva west mambalam vara pora ayodhya mandapam vara pora endra seidhi kettu avala eppadiyavathu dharisanam pannanum ponen pudhu periva patri oru kavudhai eyudhi adha bala periva kitta kattanum endra assai angu erukavakitta keta podhu adhlam periva padika matta endru sollita nan udane maha perivala ninaithu neengal dhan bala periva dharisanam neengadhan sivarsu seiyanum endru vendikonden night 830ku periva bala periva vandha kuttam thangala seri enniku dharisanam kidaiyadhu pesa mudiyadhu avarta pesa mudiyadhu manasu varuthum maha perival nayabagam neenga dhan bala periva ennoda kavithai padika arulanam endra prathanai periva speech mudichutu kilambara velai na mundiyadhitu kuttathala periva munnadi poi ninu namaskaram seidhu periva kavidhai ezhudhirken padikavendum endru bavyamaga sonnen udane padichutu shemma erupa endru asir vadham pannina enne mahaperivalin arul avalai vida endha ulagthala superior authoritu veru yarum kidai yadhu hara hara sankara anusham sankara

  3. Nadayadu Kamakshi Ammavaru

  4. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. “PARA BRAHMA ROOPAM PAVITHRANADAKSHAM, ATHISHTANA MOORTHIM AD DVUAIDA BOTHAM” Sri Padam Namami. Janakiraman Nagapattinam.

  5. All our Peroyava’s are indeed none other than Lord Dakshinamurthy Himself. Just being in their presence is enough.

  6. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam!

  7. Maha Periyava Charanam

  8. Periava was in Kalavai(.year forgotten !)
    A huge car drove in and stopped.
    A foreign lady, clad in a sarree, took out a jerrycan of water and washed her feet (while still sitting in the car ) and got down( later on came to know that it was Queen Fredrika of Greece) accompanied by His Royal Highness J. Carlos and a small, kutty girl in Pavadai and Chattai and her brother in dhoti .Dr TMP.Mahadevan guided them to Periava sannidhi.
    Periava in kashta mounam !
    we were all very tense as to how Periava would handle the royal visitors
    They told Periava through Dr TMP that they were directly coming from Thiruvannamalai .
    Periava blessed them and called the Kutty Princess and her brother through signs interpreted by Shri Balu mama ( now Swamigal) ably and asked them whether they went around the Giri and climbed it.They said no.
    Again through signs, Periava asked them to do a parikrama during their next visit.some more talk and answer in sign language by H H Swamigal and the royalties left fully satisfied and feeling blessed by His Holiness
    Mouna vratham was not compromised even for Royalties and the children as well as the elders including Dr T M P left immensely pleased and happy with the Dharisanam and blessings.
    We were also happy that the whole Dharisanam went off well.

    • Sir, In regard to this article I want to share an incident
      Which happened in 1971.
      I used to work for a top Tata group air-conditioning company as supervisor.
      One day if I remember in the month of June or so a break down call was received from the office of Rallies India that a VIP is staying in one of their guest houses in commander in chief road Egmore Chennai.
      It was 4 in the evening.
      At that time of day any call recd is attended only next day,but as it was from a company and involving a VIP I went my self taking a technician to set right the problem on my two wheeler which very few owned those days.
      A care taker of the VIP who was not very good at English but who spoke a different language but I could make out something from it said the AC in the VIP room is not functioning.
      I checked and found that a major part has gone defective and called my service centre thru their land line which was only the choice and found the spare parts store is just closing and since delivery to site not possible , only next day I can get it .
      I explained the matter to stores in charge and asked him to keep the spares with security and that I will pick it up.
      I did pick it up came back and with the technician assistant completed the job .
      What happened during attending to repairs was recitals from a tape recorder next room which was closed and the room we were inside full of Hindu scripture books ,books on Vedas,Upanishads ,and a full size photo of Maha periaval.
      I imagined some religious Swamiji must be in the other room .
      After the job was over I met the the care taker who thanked us and as we did the job beyond office hours
      suddenly pulled few ten rupee notes and said please take this .
      As our company is very reputed and customer satisfaction being the guiding principle I said sorry thanks and asked him in sign language who is the VIP inside the other room .
      After little hesitation he said queen of Greece.
      I was surprised as to how come a European is interested in our Vedas .
      Some how I made him understand that I want a photo of the Queen of Greece with her signature on it.
      After almost half an hour the care taker came out with a photo of Fredrika the queen of Greece with crown and a recently signed autograph on the white border of her full attire .
      Still it is in my possession which I cherish as an example of Maha peraivas fame with westerners.
      Later on I came to know from Rallis India a Greek company that the Queen was overthrown in a coup by the Greek army and the Queen sought asylum in India and solace with eastern philosophy and Maha periavas grace whom she used visit often to experience peace and tranquility.


  1. Greece Princess in Tiruvengadu Patasala – Sage of Kanchi

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