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Experiences with Maha Periyava: Divine Guidance

Dr R Balakrishnan Nair, Nephrologist in SKS Hospitals Salem had his medical studies in England and in the thirst for having a religious and spiritual life, he returned to India. He is highly devoted to Sri Guruvayurappan. He has been doing Srimad Bhagavata Parayanam daily.

One morning, when the doctor was fast asleep, he had a dream in which Sri Maha Periyava appeared, and asked the doctor to offer ‘archana’ to Sri Krishna, reciting Sri Krishna Ashtotram. The doctor and his wife searched for the book everywhere but were unable to locate the book. They forgot the matter in a few days.

Again in the early hours, in his deep sleep, the doctor had a dream of Sri Maha Periyava, who reminded him about the Sri Krishnan Ashtotram. The doctor replied that he could not find the book although he remembered to have bought it a few years ago. Sri Acharyal told the doctor that a book titled “Bruhatstotra Ratnakaram” was kept on top of the refrigerator, in their house in Salem. The “Sri Krishna Ashtotram” could be found in it.

Immediately cutting short their planned stay at Alleppey, they returned to Salem to find the “Bruhatstotra Ratnakaram” book exactly on top of the fridge in their house. From that day onwards, the doctor has been offering tulsi archana to Sri Guruvayurappan, while reciting Sri Krishna Ashtothram. The first archana is being offered to Sri Maha Periyava.

Author: Dr.R.Balakrishnan Nair, Nephrologist, S.K.S. Hospitals, Salem
Source: Moments of a lifetime
Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. his existence is proved to so many devotees. we forget His mercy immediately.

  2. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. The Doctor is really a blessed soul to get directions from Sri Maha Periyava.This is one among the ARPUTHA LEELAS of sri Periyava..How true is the old saying in Tamil “NAMBINOR KAI VIDA PIDUVA THILLAI”.Let us pray for the blessings of Sri Maha Periyava.. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  3. Blessed couple

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