Periyava’s Lotus Feet on Krishna’s feet!




Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Thanks to Shri Anand Ramaswamy for sharing this beautiful incident!

Happy Gokulashtami!!!

Experiences with Maha Periyava: “Swamigal gently put His Lotus Feet on Krishna’s feet!!!”

“One lady used to say, “He is like Lord Krishna and we are always swarming Him like those calves, enjoying His presence”.

One day it was Gokulashtami. Kanchi MahaSwamigal had gone to the backyard for His morning duties at 4am. His Kainkaryam Sri Srikantan told me, “Mami, I will open the door secretly for you. You should put the necessary kolams and Kutty Krishna’s feet on the floor as quickly as possibly and run from here, Ok?”

I said Ok!

He said, “If you want, I will close the backyard door. Let me know the moment you are finished with the kolams and then I will open it again for Him”.

He was talking like as if the Sarveshwaran will not know about our plans!

I put the kolams; the Kutty Krishna’s feet came out so beautifully that day. I drew the Feet from the backyard door right up to the room where He does the poojas and also near the kitchen. And then quickly I came out, afraid that Srikantan might admonish me for taking so much time!

I stood behind a window and got ready to watch the Celestial event unfold. Swamigal opened the door. On seeing the tiny Krishna feet kolams, He lifted His vastram and gently put His Lotus Feet on Krishna’s feet, one by one, and came walking to His room sweetly, all the way He was looking at me through the window! He walked as if He was Lord Krishna Himself!!!

That Sarveshwaran, what Kindness!

Even today, I am reminded of That day on all Krishna Jayanthi days!”

Narrated by the blessed devotee, Smt. Prathiyangara Padmasini, in her interactions with Him!

Jagadgurum Vandhe Krishnam ?

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  1. I experienced his miracle just today morning. Maha periyava needs no introduction .My paternal grand father was a famous vakil in mayavaram,erstwhile tanjavur district.and a great devotee of the sage of kanchi.he was also a scholar and well versed in vedas.The divine sage was also very fond of my grandfather and discussed with him on various topics in length.My father was named after him. My father,government servant, was a very honest,sincere,hard workng and reached the top most position in his work place.Even today his office ,retired colleagues and junior staff remember him for his humbleness,knowledge and contribution to his company.My father used to narrate me a lot of incidents about Maha periya .We all loved our father very much and by god’s grace i had the opportunity to live with him until his last days and serve him sincerely of course it was my duty.few months back on a sivaratri ,prostrating to a Tirupati balaji photo that was kept in his room,he passed away peacefully at the age of 92.i miss him every day and earnestly wished to meet his spirit.I prayed to Maha Periyava last night expressed my earnest desire to communicate with my father;s spirit. It was early i woke up and saw my father was in front of me,He held my right hand and telling me that it would take him some time to reunite with me and disappeared. i was sweating and in tears. I knew very well that this was not a dream or hallucination.It was Maha Periyava’s blessing.

  2. KrishNam Vandhe Jagadgurum! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Achytha Anantha Govinda! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Krishnam Vande Jagadh Gurum!!!

  4. Thought proudly that maximum Darishana anubhavangal are known to me BUT what a lot is not known?,nay, an ocean of incidents are slowly unfolding before me ,all due to the Sage Of Kanchi site.
    There are a lot of Bhakthas like Sow Padmasini mami and Anukka Thondargal like Sri / HH Srikantan mama/ swami and other great bhakthas,who were instrumental in letting us know all those incidents. ,!
    And Sri Venkatesan singing that song !wav
    Am going to play that song daily in the Pooja room and request Periaval to grace His Room !
    Shankara ,!!

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