Sri Periyava Paduka Puja Vaibhavam on Sunday, August 21 @ Bangalore

Periyava Padhuka
Thanks to Sri Sudharshan Iyer for the invitation. Ram Ram

Note: The below mentioned event is going to be held in Bangalore. If any of you are visiting Bangalore this weekend please try to attend or if you have relatives in Bangalore, please advise them to attend. The location is at the locality called Malleshwaram. Please contact Ganeshan at 09845118800 for more details.

A reminder on the Paduka Puja Vaibhavam to be held on Sunday, August 21. An anecdote is being given here to become aware of the Divinity of Mahaperiyava’s Paduka.

One of the personal assistants of Mahaperiyava was Sri Balu Mama who embraced sanyasa few years ago and attained Mahasamadhi recently. He was one of the few people who had the opportunity to touch Mahaperiyava during the few years from 1991 to 1994 when He played a drama of not moving around and being confined to the bed itself. Even though Balu Swamigal was blessed with such an opportunity, he would hesitate to touch Periyava’s Paduka and would say “while I don’t hesitate to touch Periyava, I am extremely fearful and hesitant to even touch His Paduka.” Such is the Divinity of the Paduka. We all know that only a few blessed devotees were fortunate to be graced with these Divine Paduka. And several such Padukas are going to be offered a grand worship on Sunday. You can not only have the Darshan of these Paduka but also offer worship to them. Please come and participate in the puja and be blessed with the rare opportunity of having the Darshan of the Divine Paduka that have been adorned by the Avatara Purusha who walked amidst us to uplift us! Also you can hear to moving instances of how devotees were blessed with the Paduka. Please don’t miss this unique event and be in traditional attire to participate and witness the  celebration!

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  1. Hay muchas opciones: vacas, cobayas, semillas de girasol, material didáctico…¡Pero sosegado!

  2. Debo decir que fue una buena lista para gozar de las despedidas de soltero.

  3. Even though I am miles away from the venue I offer my pranams to the SRI PADUKA of SRI MAHA PERIYAVA. Tiruvadi thangiya padukaikal darsanam aneka koti papa vimochanam. Janakiraman Nagapattinam

  4. Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!!

  5. Thanks Mr. Srinivasan for informing us about this Vaibhavam. We were on our way to Malleshwaram to attend a marriage, saw your message and immediately called up Mr. Ganesan. On Sunday, I was able to not just offer my pranams but also was invited to participate in the Paduka Vaibhavam. It was Mahaperiyava’s Grace that pulled this body to attend this Vaibhavam. Thanks a ton to this blog authors.

  6. Our sincere thanks to Mr.Sai and the Sage of Kanchi team for keeping us informed of the above pooja. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr.Ganesan and the family who organized for this pooja and welcomed us despite the fact we are non Brahmins. We were blessed to attend this pooja rightly named as Periyava Paduka Pooja Vaibhavam!
    It’s indeed a rare sight to see so many Periyava padukas under one roof. The house was just reverberating with Periyava namam. We were glad to see Mr.Ganesha Sharma and Jabalpur Nagaraj Sharma though we missed meeting the man behind the innumerable Periyava interviews, Mr.Sivaraman. This pooja also enabled us to meet people conducting Anusham pooja in Bangalore, the icing on the cake was meeting Mr.Krishna Kumar who performs Anusha Pooja very , very close to our house. Thank you Sage of Kanchi team for bringing us closer to Periyava day by day. THANKS!

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