Do Not Giveup Sandhyavandanam!


Great message in this simple incident. Please ensure we are not chanting Gayathri Mantra normally, has to be done with Sandhyavandanam. Mantras have restrictions (time, place, cleaniness, etc.) so does this Gayathri Mantra. That is the reason for Trikaala Sandhyavandanam we have to do three snanams and then do Aachamanam, Maarhjanam, Punar Marjanam Manthra Prokshanam, Pranayamam, etc. which cleans us externally and internally before we do Gayathri Mahamantra Japam. Thanks to Shri Raghu for the share. Ram Ram

Experiences with Maha Periyava: “Problems arose because you all gave up Sandhyavandanam!”

Once over forty Brahmins from the area, Vanniya Teynampet in Madras came to have darshan of Maha Periyava. After their obeisance to the Sage, they expressed their common mental agony that Brahmins were not able to go around in that area with respect as some atheists made fun and showed animosity whenever they came across the hair tufts, sacred threads, and Vaishnavite marks that adorned the body of a Brahmin.

As He heard this, Sri Maha Periyava asked them, “Do you people do the Sandhyavandanam every day?” There was silence. He then advised them, “Continue to do the Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri Japam daily. Everything will be all right.”

As advised, they started doing the Sandhyavandanam and daily. Within two months the situation changed to their complete satisfaction. They met Periyava happily and conveyed the news. Periyava told them, “All the problems are due to your giving up the Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri mantra. The power of Gayatri mantra is immeasurable.”

If each one of us followed our respective Dharma sincerely, daily, then society will respect everyone (not only Brahmins) automatically.

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  1. It is advice for me

  2. in the context of ‘Tri kala Sandhya Vandanam”
    An incident with Sri Maha Periyava during His camp in Satara. A devotee was telling his grievances ,his sufferings, his ill health, loss in business,children not studying ,no mental Peaceetc. He was advised by an astrologer to perform Navagraha Homam. His Purohit gave a huge estimate,which ,he could not afford etc.
    Sri Maha Periyava listened patiently and asked him whether he performs sandhya vandanam…The devotee
    hesitatingly said NO. HH asked if he remembers the Manras and the vprocedure. He said YES.. HH asked, whether he remembered the argyams…Adityam tarpayami,onwards, The man said Yes. HH asked ‘why then,he was not doing Sandhya ‘?…He said “No time” due to his work and commitments.. HH asked him…r
    to think of what he achieved by not doing Tri kaala Sandhya….He advised him to go back and start performing Tri kala Sandhya regularly. He said during the argyam to Nava grahas and in continiation,’Kesavam tarpayaami…’perfecrly, thinking of each of the Nava Grahas and the Dwadasa namam the lord , for each argyam ,..with devotion….would help him to come out of the situation, and there would be no need to spend a huge sum for performing Nava graha Homam….In thisvprocess, you spend only Time and No Money. HH asked him to come and see Him, after 6 months.

    No need to mention….the devotee met H H after 6 thank Him saying, that, without having had to perform Nava Graha Homam etc, and by only following Hiis simple advice of performing Trinkala Sandya,
    as prescribed …vedanarayanan pune

  3. Can we take a bath after visiting a temple ? A few people advise me not to take a bath after a temple visit. Please enlighten on this.

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