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Periyava Close-Up

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Thanks to Shri Arun for the Whatsapp share. Ram Ram.

Dr.Anandavalli belongs to Hospet. When Periava was staying at Hampi, she would visit Him everyday and will talk to Him without any pretentions. She would call Him ‘Appa’ 50 times in just about 5 mins.She would take the upper hand, as would a daughter with her
aged father, and say ‘ you can take milk atleast on Ekadesi day, nothing wrong, you should take fruit juice twice in a day and things of that sort. After she left, the shishyas would joke about it… Ennappa chandru saaptiappa, Balu nanna thoonginiappa.. But still, Doctor’s ‘Appa’ was like a sparkling diamond.

Then, one day, she came to the camp after midnight and called out ‘Appa.,Appa’. The shishyas told her that ladies should not come to thecamp at night. But she would not listen.’Appa,Appa’ The sishyas were now angry.’Arre you not a Doctor? Don’t you understand what we say’. Then Periava’s voice cut through : ‘Anga ennada sathaam?’ The Doctor immediately prostrated.  Then Periava called her near and the sishyas were taken aback.

The Doctor said ‘Appa, I was in a village. A young girl was in a critical stage. However much I tried, I could not save her. She was gone. Then, crying, I called out ‘Appa,Appa’ 108 times and she came back to life !! I could not come and see You during the day. So, I came now. Periava said ‘ you should not have come at this time of night. I was awake. If I was not, what would you have done?’The Doctor, silent for a moment said’ I just wanted to see Appa, I never thought it would not be possible, day or night how does it matter to me to see my Appa? Periava blessed her. She said she would come back for the morning Visvaroobadharisanam and left.Promptly she was there at 5am. For the shishyas she now looked like a devathai!!

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  1. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya shankara!

  2. Every anecdote brings tears in my eyes Give me such devotion and bakthi not only in this life but also in the lives to come Because i think that all devotees of our Mahaperiyaval will take only human birth Anantha kodi namaskarams to the sacred feet of maha periyaval

  3. That is the steadfast belief of DR. Anandavalli. Let us pray Mahaperiyavaa to bless us with such a devotion.


  5. Tears Tears and just tears!!! What else can be a greater blessing?

    ’The Doctor, silent for a moment said’ I just wanted to see Appa, I never thought it would not be possible, day or night how does it matter to me to see my Appa? Periava blessed her.

    Very true – Appa kitta pesa neram kalam paakanuma enna? Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara…

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