“You are a Living Example!”

Periyava and Lama

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“You are a Living Example!” — Swamigal to Dalai Lama.

The conversation that was said to have taken place between Them:

Maha Periyava: “But for Your efforts Buddhism would have also disappeared from our society!”

Dalai Lama: “I do not know what I have done.”

Maha Periyava: “The greatness of our culture is the living examples of people like You. People are attracted towards the culture by the sheer magnetic power of the people who preach, because they listen only to those who also practise what they preach.”

Later Dalai Lama described Maha Periyava as, “The only Monk of the Century!”


HH Dalai Lama is 81 years old today the July 6th, He was born in the year 1935!

“If I remember right, this happened in early 1992. This picture and the news report appeared in The Hindu. When I saw Maha Periyava’s picture, I wanted to have His dharshan and immediately proceeded to Kanchi. What an unforgettable experience! After having dharshan of Kamakshi Devi, witnessed Chandramouleeswarar pooja. After receiving Theertha Prasaadam, had the good fortune of Maha Periyava dharshanam.

HE was slightly unwell, was relaxing in an easy-chair. Hundreds of devotees, with folded hands and tearful eyes, had the blissful experience of Periyava dharshanam. The screen was about to be drawn, suddenly Maha Periyava turned his head and mentioned something to His sishya, who took two apples, placed them on Maha Periyava’s lotus feet, brought them towards the gathering. All of us stretched our hands eagerly, HANTHA BHAGYAM, the holy prasadam was placed in my hands. I couldn’t control my tears. I felt, THIS IS JANMA SAAPHALYAM. I still remember His slightly swelled stomach and the way He adjusted His glasses. SRI GURUBHYO NAMAHA.”

The above experience was narrated by a Sage of Kanchi Devotee.

Here is Swamigal with HH Dalai Lama in the year 1990 at Kanchi.

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