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Dear Donors,

As we have been receiving contributions from all of you, I want to take this as a mid-year (well, little over mid-year!) update on key activities.

First and foremost, our thanks to the donors who supported/supporting for our causes etc.

Recently, for the crisis at Dr Sadhana Rao’s ghosala, through KGF, we collected funds. Recently, with the divine direction of HH Balaperiyava, Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust handed over a cheque of Rs 6.85 Lakhs. Dr Subramaniam, well-known neurologist handed over the cheque to this needy gho-sala. I have some more little money sent towards this – that would be sent to her soon.

Sai Srinivasan, the daily contributor in the blog has been silently (!) doing a great project of building a “Gho Garbha Gruham”  near Tuticorin with the help of an existing ghosala. The purpose of this ghosala is to rescue some more cows and house them here. He has been reaching out to all of his friends and families and has created a whatsapp group for the same – I have been watching the progress of this place – it has come up well. For this project also, KGF had contributed recently. The cows we rescued in 2014 are doing amazingly well in Kayathar farm.

On the veda kainkaryam, through the blog, we have created a fixed deposit of Rs 2.5 lakhs and the interest goes to Tiruvanaikka patasala. I am thinking of increasing this from 2017 as this patasala deserves support. In addition to these, we have supporting in a very small way to different vedic events conducted by Sri Pradosham mama gruham, Atirudram Sri Ravi and other events like Jayanthi/Aradhana at adishtanam.

Smt Mahalakshmi mami updated me that the vaanam paartha sivalingam work has started in full swing….From the blog, we have collected funds exclusively for the project – roughly Rs 5 Lakhs – although the project cost is Rs 10 lakhs. In addition to this project, we also supported another Vaanam paartha sivalingam project of Lord Mallikavaneswarar – led by one of our readers Sri Prabhu Mahalingam. Our contribution was very small – but want to make sure that we all get punyam by participating in more of these kainkaryams.

Other general contributions would be distributed across these three different causes. As Periyava bakthi has been increasing all over the world and so are Periyava kainkaryams. There are so many devotees are doing amazing kainkaryams in whatever way they could. Recently, I was told about an individual who has taken up supporting temples to have nitya puja and pradosham celebration at a very affordable amount of Rs 1500-2000 per month. At the same token, there are some folks who are not so genuine and trust-worthy. I am hearing few of those cases as well. I can only feel sorry for these people. I will also notify to you all if I have more credible information about these folks so that you can all stay away from them.

When I was in Nochiyam, mami was narrating an incident of a person who started to misuse funds that are collected under Periyava’s name and how he faced his end. Sri Kumar of Vignesh studio always says “Periyava sothu sivan sothu”. One has to exercise extreme caution when dealing with sivan sothu. There is a famous Tamil saying “சிவன் சொத்து குல நாஸம்”.  Doing these work is like walking on a rope….

Every time when we do international wire transfer, it costs $45. Even that fee is not taken from the donations. This is one of the tips Sri Ramesh Narayanaswamy of KKSF gave me when I started KGF. I am taking every measure to ensure that we maintain our sincerity to donors and  to Periyava. Luckily both of our Indian partners (Sri Shivarpanam Trust, Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust and Smt Mahalakshmi mami) are of greatest credibility and they report all of their projects and guided by HH Balaperiyiava on a regular basis. We feel so blessed to be associated with them… With His blessings, hopefully we could continue our kainkaryams in the years ahead…

We are acknowledging and sending receipts to all donors both in India and US on regular basis for most part.

I will continue to keep you all updated on the vaanam paartha sivalingam project and other initiatives as they progress..

If you have any questions please write to donations@kgpfoundation.org and we will gladly respond to you all.

Once again, sincere thanks to all donors of the blog.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Very laudable initiative Mahesh. When the initial reports on the problems faced by IAAW were circulated in WA, many were worried and wanted to do their mite. My DIL, Sujatha Chakravarthy who lives in Guindy, met Dr. Sadhana Rao and gave her the contributions generated.

    I had forwarded copy of the initiative taken through this forum and assured my family members that the devotees of Kanchi Mahaperiyava will not let the cows to starve or suffer. Your subsequent update that the problems have been resolved amicably made many shed tears of relief and offer silent prayers to the Almighty.

    Sarve janah sukhino bavanthu.

  2. Mahesh,

    My prayers to Pujya Sri Acharyas of Kanchi for giving you the continued energy to you and your team for this great work.


  3. Dear sir

    I am amazed how do you find to do so many things. Not a day passes without reading sage of kanchi. May the Mahaswamigals anugraham be with you all as always.
    Ramasubramanian so

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