Sri Periyava Padhuka Pictures

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Thanks to Smt. Mahalakshmi Mami for sharing these high quality Padhuka pictures. We can print, frame, and start doing Puja to Periyava Padhukas. Ram Ram

Periyava Close-Up

Periyava Padhuka-1
Periyava Padhuka-2
Periyava Padhuka-3
Periyava Padhuka-4
Periyava Padhuka-5

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3 replies

  1. srimahaperiyava thiruvadi charanam, already i am doing abhishekam and pooja daily for sri
    mahaperiyava vigraham, srimahaperiyava padhuka is available with anybody please let me know. i want to have sri periyava padhuka also, please if anybody is interested in giving it please let me know. sri mahaperiyavathiruvadi charanam

  2. Hi Mahesh, I am presently in Chicago visiting my daughter. I would like to talk to you and also send a picture of Maha Perivaas Padhuka picture and also to narrate how I am blessed to get the Paadhuka. Please send me your contact number and e mail I d please. Bhuvana.

    Bhuvana Venkat


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