Compassion during Cauvery Floods


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Thanks to Shri Balakrishnan for the share. Ram Ram

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Compassion during Cauvery Floods

Maha Periyava graciously accepted the request from the residents of Thiruvaiyaru and celebrated the Vyasa Pooja in the year 1924 at the Pushya mandap in the North corner of the Cauveri river. Multitudes of devotees from Tanjore and surrounding villages thronged to have darshan of Maha Swamigal.

During the lunar month of Adi, Cauveri overflowed with floods and in some places broke the banks. As the mandap (hall) where Pooja was taking place was close to the Cauveri, the flood water entered into many adjoining areas including the Pooja hall. The people of Thiruvaiyaru, requested MahaSwamigal to change the venue of the Pooja to another place. MahaSwamigal said that the Pooja could not be moved during Chaturmasya due to any calamity or any other reason. The people were concerned about the situation. To make things worse, the flood grew and spread across to its tributary Kollidam, which was three miles away. The huts of the poor people, mostly Harijans, were submerged in the flood waters. They started moving to safer areas with their goats, cows, children and elderly. Maha Swamigal was compassionate towards these poor people who were stranded in the floods without food and other facilities.

Sri Maha Swamigal quickly came to their rescue. He immediately ordered diversion of major part of grocery items intended for the Pooja to prepare and provide food for the distressed people. He brought together the local key people and organised relief work for the people affected in the floods as quickly as possible. He arranged for regular daily food to be prepared in huge vessels and had the Sri Matham employees take this food around the affected areas and distribute it. The distribution efforts were organised by the Congress workers under the supervision of Lawyer Sarangapani Iyengar, leader of the Thiruvaiyaru Congress Committee. The relief efforts were carried out for fifteen days after which the floods receded and the public started to slowly return and to repair their homes. The poor folks appreciated and praised Maha Swamigal for His compassion and Anna daanam. Everybody was amazed at the timely help provided by Maha Swamigal.

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