Worship the Saligrama!


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Thanks to Shri Arun for the share. Ram Ram.

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Worship the Saligrama

A Vaishnavite lady had come for darshan. She prostrated to Sri Maha Periyava according to her tradition and stood in front of Him. The place was not very crowded. One could detect yearning, anxiety, expectation and faith, all in her eyes.

Her family was burdened with problems. Sickness and disease, a daughter who had been married for seven or eight years and who had not been blessed with children, another daughter now going past the marriageable age for whom a good match could not be found, a son who did not apply himself to study seriously, monetary difficulties and so much more. She had gone to a Nambudiri in Kerala and sought his advice through astrology and learnt that it was because of disregard of her ancestors, pitru dosha. The rituals for the ancestors had not been done properly. So she was advised to go to Rameswaram. She was a Vaishnavite and her tradition did not accommodate a pilgrimage to Rameswaram and rituals of atonement there.

“I do not know what to do. I am not able to give up the rules of my tradition. All the same time, the problems have to be solved. Periyava must show me a way out.”

“Do you belong to the Tenkalai community?” asked Periyava.


“Salt-water, cow-dung extract and water from the matted locks are not acknowledged by your community.”

“Yes, my mother would refer to these, waters of salt, cow-dung extract and water from matted locks!”

“The same! A holy dip in Rameswaram in the ocean is salt-water, panchagavya prasanam is dung-water and a dip in the Ganga is water from the locks of Paramasiva. You need not go to Rameswaram if your tradition does not allow it. Every morning the saligrama must be worshipped in the prescribed manner and tirtha prasada must be taken. Fast on Ekadashi. Milk, fruit and boiled roots may be taken. On that day your husband must wear twelve Namas upon his person and then perform the puja. The next day, on Dwadashi, the worship must be concluded at an early hour and after taking tulasi tirtha as prasada, paranai must be completed. Every day, give at least a handful of grass to a cow. If you do all this, it will be atonement enough for all lapses.”

As Periyava spoke the words one by one, the lady listened pursing her lips, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

“It is as if the Lord Narayana himself has instructed me. I was perplexed. I thought Periyava you wold instruct me to go to Rameswaram. Periyava’s heart is as pure as crystal. You have shown me a fine way out.”

When the lady received prasada and left, her face was clear, very clear, like crystal.

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  1. Dear Shri Hariprasad – The very premise that you have mentioned above will not be agreed by many. (not by me of course 🙂 )

    //We say Hari and Shiva are one and the same.//

    I have seen many staunch vaishnavaites who says Siva and Vishnu are NOT one and the same. They will quote from the same Vedas/Puranas on why Vishnu is superior to Siva. If that is the case the whole premise does not stay any good which is why Maha Periyava probably asks one to stick to their Sampradaya. Had Maha Periyava told the person to goto Rameswaram the whole incident may be viewed much differently by those Sampradaya (Not all but some) resulting in noise and controversy. It is not only with respect to Smartha-Vaishnava’s, even when people from other religions wanted to embrace Sanatana Dharma out of their own will, Periyava did not approve it. Sri Periyava always says everyone is born in a particular religion or tradition for a reason and they should respect and follow it to the core. Hope this helps! Ram Ram

  2. Can anyone explain as why Vaishnavites should not worship Lord Shiva. We say Hari and Shiva are one and the same. There are many incidents in Bagavadam and other puranams too. That being the case why their sampradayam prevents them to go to Rameswaram and also prevents worship of Shiva . In some of the articles of Maha periyava which i read, he himself has instructed the vaishnavites to follow their culture. My simple question here is , WHY THIS BEDAM BETWEEN SHIVA AND VISHNU FOR VAISHNAVITES ALONE ? I am looking for a logical answer for this for a long time but not able to get it anywhere. Can someone give ?

    • Today only I have gone through your post. I am a lay man to give authentic source. Firstly our Vedas never bifurcated Shiva and Vishnu. Here we are following three gurus.. Sankara, Ramanujan, and Madhwa acharyas. All will follow the Purusha sultan, sree suktam. One God only with many names. Then no discrimination. Here also Perioada said to do saligrama pooja. Sali grama also in different shapes. Out side smooth. Same as on shivalinga. No difference. Srusti, Sthithi, and Laya ie birth, growth, and death, reasons are main behind formation Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. And further you can understand. Thank you.

  3. This is an important piece. Astrology is an ancient science, more ancient than the sects within our religion.
    I will relate a similar incident. A class-mate of mine was working in AG’S office, Chennai. After more than 20 years’ service and two promotions, he was conducting inspections/ audits with his team. At some time, he would /could not attend office. Once he neared the office and crossed the compound, he would feel as if the building was falling down and he would run away! He could not enter the building. This continued for nearly a year. When I came to know about it, I consulted an astrologer. He told me that somebody had used some mantra/tantra prayoga against the man and that the remedy was to do archana for Dakshinamurti daily for 48 days, without break. I told the astrologer that the man was a staunch Srivaishnava and he would not do archana for Dakshinamurti. The astrologer told me that his science knew no such distinctions and if he wanted relief, this must be done. He also told me that in fact, this must be done for him by some other member of the family as he would not be allowed to do it ! I communicated it to his mother. Though a staunch Srivaishnavaite, she did the archana for Dakshinamurti in Sri Kapaleeswara temple for 48 days. .The man became normal and resumed his duties ! [ It later transpired that the last assignment he did before the trouble began was inspection/audit of a big govt. hospital where he had detected many serious irregularities and recorded them. He was asked by the hospital authorities to delete/change/dilute them but he refused. On the conclusion of the audit, the party was entertained to tea by the hospital people, as was the custom. That is the last he remembered! From the next day, he could not attend office! , They had mixed some mind-altering drug in the snacks/beverage served ]

    The point is, the astrological remedies are common across sects, which are a late formation. Even so, Pratyaksha Easwara Maha Periyava could alter the remedy and prescribe something without forcing the lady to deviate from her faith ! The lady’s luck and merit are exceptional !
    All glory to Maha Periyava !

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