My visit to Nochiyam Mahaperiyava Ashram

During my short trip to Trichy, I made it a point to go to Nochiyam ashram to get darshan of Lalitha Tripurasundari and Mahaperiyava. It was very difficult to see Smt Rajalakshmi mami after she lost her husband. She has dressed in the traditional way of how widows used to dress in those days – very hard to see. Normally, I take lots of photos wherever I go. However, here with mami in her new attire, I did not even take my camera out.

Mami spent lot of time with me, as usual and her hospitality was at its best, as usual. I was so lucky to be there on the day when ambal was adorned with some new jewels – I was there to witness too. In my entire India trip, if I loved something that would be the mango milk shake that mami gave! How delicious! Organic sweet mango and pure milk straight from ghosala – words fail me to describe the taste!!

The ashram has grown and stabilizing as the months go. The ghosala was just adorable. We spent quite some time in the ghosala. Mami had named the cows “Swaminatha”, “Chandrasekara” – only Periyava smaranai.. When we went we saw new-born calf – a week old – extremely cute. Unfortunately his mother is unable to feed the calf due to some udder problem. So this baby is drinking milk from a different mom! We sincerely pray that udder problem is gone and the baby is able to get enough milk…..

Below are the photos of the baby and mom! It is so sweet to play with the calf. Our family did not want to leave the ghosala – so lovely to see the cows….


Mami has shared all the current status of the temple/ashram. It has come out a long way..Few months back, Mami convened a meeting with the board of directors of the trust to discuss the plan for the future as she is getting aged and she wants to ensure that all the hardship are transitioned to committed people for future success also. She has published that video also in youtube on the points she discussed to be very transparent with the public and donors. I will try to get that video link and post here.

The committee has some plans to create some ways to get support from local people and also from others. It is important that we help this team to help create more awareness among the Nochiyam village so that the local people come and participate a lot.

We wish this team all the success in carrying out one of the hardest thing that mami has achieved in her lifetime. History would tell that only two devotees have built a Mahaperiyava temple that with absolutely no money on hand and built with Periyava bakthi only – Sri Pradosham mama and Smt Rajalakshmi mami. I dont think this record will be broken by anyone else in a long time.

Our namaskarams to mami for her devotion and our prayers to Mahaperiyava to shower His blessings for this temple.

At this time, I want to share that Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation (KGF) will support the ghosala in a small way (with our available fund). It may not be sufficient for everything but something from all of us here….

Here is the appeal letter mami wanted me to share with everyone….I also will scan and post a very small book mami has written – kind of an autobiography (in Tamil).

Let me close this post with mami’s favorite quote “எல்லாம் பெரியவா பாத்துப்பா” / Periyava will take care of everything.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. I visited nochiyam last week wth my hubby son , my sister ,her hubby n my chithi who is smt rajalakshmi mami’s brother’s wife….I had long awaited wish to see Mami n ashramam wth my chithi….it was so nice ,calm n quite place to visit…mami’s satsang n blessing to my son was like guru Vani much power in her voice …. unforgettable visit n memorable too..

  2. U r source of strength to her

  3. I am Yet to visit this Ashram due to my busy Schedule … but regularly in touch with Mami …. Through word of Mouth i am spreading the message to all the like minded people in joining the noble cause.. some of my friends have already got themselves introduced to Mami and have started to contribute … I have taken this as a Prathignya to spread this message Far and Wide .. Guruvadi saranam Thiruvadi saranam

  4. I am planning to visit Nochiyam and meet mami very soon in February, 2017 itself and get the grace of Maha Periyava and pray for His utmost Bhakti in my life . Radha

  5. Mr. Sai Srinivasan – Myself and my wife reside in Coimbatore. Presently, we are in Fremont, CA. We will return to CBE by early Nov. after which, I am planning to visit this noble place, interact and seek the blessings of Vittal Mami and her team. In the meanwhile, can you provide to me three details. 1: number of cows and calves presently in the Ashramam; appx. cost per day to maintain them. 2: the number of vidhyarthis and Adhyapaks in the vedapatashala – appx. cost per day to run this sacred institution. 3. expenses incurred to conduct Udayasthamana pooja at all Sannidhis.

    I had formed a charitable trust in 2008 in the memory of my parents and father-in-law. It’s objectives include three subjects close to the heart of Sri Mahaperiyava; go – veda samrakshanam, up-liftment and education of girl children etc. After hearing from you, it will be my endeavour to chalk out an immediate and thereafter short and medium term plans out of the interest earnings of the corpus fund of the trust to partially meet the running costs of this great Ashramam. My India number – 98430 99389 (roaming). Local cell: 001 415 517 5658. mail ID:

    Thanks and with respectful regards to all Mahaperiyava devotees. Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  6. Vittal mami requires moral support and not unceremonious comments such as of Mr. Venkat Sridharan. (“any initiative …… closure” ). As Mahesh rightly pointed out Mami has a committed team to carry forward the noble task and I am fortunate ( anugruham by Maha Periyava) to be one among them.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara!

  7. Thank you for sharing this wonderful ashram. We will try and do our best. I will definitely make others aware and will make a point to visit the place near the time by MAHAPERIYAVAS grace.

  8. The life time contributaion figure is not visible in the post. Is it Rs 10 K Kindly clarify

  9. Mahaperiavaa Thiruvadi Charanam! Charanam

    • really painful to see that Mami does not make any reference to Sri Matam or present Acharyas in the .
      Brochure. No photos either.
      That certainly diminishes the stature of her well-intentioned project.
      Sri Periyaval and Sri Bala Periyaval will be too happy to support such a matter through the auspices of Sri Matam and Mami should immediately approach Sri Matam.
      Any initiative which hangs loosely without continuity runs the big risk of slowdown and eventual closure.

      Please take this in the right spirit and reach the suggestion to Mami.

      Apologies for any hurt caused though not intentional.

      • Getting anugraham from both our periyava were done..both the periyavas were invited for kumbabishekam….since kumbanishekam fell on maha anusham / aradhana day, they were not able to attend…there is no issue of  not having anyone to take over this ashram…like I mentioned  Mami had formed a very committed team of trust members to carry the torch…the issue is to get local crowd who can come to the temple, contribute towards revenue…in addition to local crowd, outsiders should also help…

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  10. Mahaperiyava saranam saranam. My mind is full of thinking how to help the ashramam . I pray my guru mahaperiyava.

  11. //Let me close this post with mami’s favorite quote “எல்லாம் பெரியவா பாத்துப்பா” / Periyava will take care of everything.//

    What great bhakthi my Mami!! Brings a tear in my eye….Very nice to see Gho Matha and calf. Calf is very cute…I’m very happy that we are supporting this Gosala. Ram Ram

    • Ram. Ram. Michigan smt Rajalakshmi vittal maamiyun bhajthiyayum, karunayayum alavidamudiyadu. Aaramba kaslam mudal Hindu paper artucle paditha pinnar pala murai Nichiam sendru vandullom. We from Jankalyan 20 members attended kumbabhishikam of this temple and stayed for two days and have full support and it continues. Sri periawa charanam!

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