Swamigal’s Paduka Manimandapam in Mylapore, Madras!

Thanks to Suresh P for sharing this info….


Namaskarams everyone. I just wanted to convey you all about a temple of “MAHASWAMI “known as “Mani Mandapam” which is located in Madras. it is just a walkable distance from the famous “Kapaleeswar” temple in Mylapore. This temple contains the holy Padukas of Mahaswami and this temple is located on the left side of a small road which is adjacent to the Vivekananda college in Mylapore.

HH Bala Periyava suggested me to go to this temple and also share it in the social network. I really feel very much privileged to share this among all of you people , so kindly please visit this beautiful temple which is in Madras and seek the blessings of the divine HH Mahaswami.

The address of the divine mandapam is:

6, PS Siva Swamy Rd, Kattukoil Garden, Mylapore, Madras.


The above was shared by the blessed AK A SH Rani.

A lovely day to Everyone.


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  1. Thank u very much for sharing such vital information about our gracious mahaperiva padhuka mantapam. Periva paadham charanam.

  2. Kumbhabhishekam at HH Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Maha Swami Guru Paduka Mandapam in Mylapore on Feb 2018.

  3. Dear Mahesh Sir
    Not sure how to reach you. I came across this in world hindu temples in Facebook and thought I would bring it to your notice. Please check the link below.


    The ideology to revive temples is the same so I thought I can let you know so that we could collectively do something.
    Thank you

  4. Through Periyava’s grace, we visited the temple on Guru Poornima day on Jul 19th 2016. It was very beautiful. Felt the divine presence there.

  5. Aradhana invitation from Mylapore Mahaperiyava Padhuka Mandapam
    BY MAHESH on DECEMBER 15, 2014 with photo.

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