Nanaganallur Anjaneyar & Maha Periyava!


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – What an amazing incident! Thanks to Shri Ramani for the Share. Ram Ram

The Anjaneyar Temple at Nanganallur, Chennai is famous for the Hanuman which is 32 feet tall and sculpted from a single piece of stone.
Sri Ramani Anna of Nanganallur, Chennai planned to build a temple with a big Anjaneyar of 32 feet high, in Nanganallur. He went to Sri Kanchi Matam, met Sri Maha Periyava and sought his permission and blessings. With great difficulty, they hunted for a single big stone and finally the sculptor selected a suitable one and began his work. One fine morning, he finished the work and the statue of the great Anjaneyar was brought to Nanganallur and kept at the place where the temple was to be built. The Balalayam (before prathishta, the deity had to be kept for a certain period separately in the water, milk, paddy, grains, etc.) was established properly.

In the meantime, Ramani Anna went to Sri Kanchi Matham to inform about the arrival of the Anjaneyar at Nanganallur and get further instructions from Maha Periyava. Like Lord Ganesha, Anjaneya is also Maha Periyava’s favourite God!

Maha Periyava inquired enthusiastically about the full shape of Anjaneya part by part. Ramani Anna too explained and answered all the questions to the satisfaction of Periyava. Finally, Periyava asked about the position of Anjaneyar’s tail part. Ramani Anna replied, “The tail is curvaceously and beautifully raised above his head Periyava!” expecting an appreciation from the Periyava.

But, Periyava was silent for a few minutes. Ramani Anna felt a bit uneasy. Finally Periyava said, “You say you are also going to keep Sri Rama there opposite to Anjaneyar! Maruthi never stands with his tail raised above in front of Sri Rama! Ramani Anna’s worry increased considerably. He asked, “Oh! Periyava! What can I do now? The deity is completed and ready! The Balalayam too is ready. The muhurtham date and time has also been fixed. If we remove the tail now, we should again reorganise the Balalayam and the Kumbhabhishekam again. The Prathishta of Anjaneyar cannot be done in the already fixed auspicious best muhurtham. Periyava only has to show me a way and a solution for  this!

Periyava said calmly, “You just proceed further with your fixed schedule. Everything will be alright. Anjaneyar will co-operate!

Periyava then blessed them with prasadam. Ramani Anna came back to Nanganallur and he was thinking about Anjaneyar’s tail all the time. After the Balalayam was complete, they did all the proper Homams and other rituals and brought a big crane to lift and keep Anjaneyar on the Peetam at the auspicious time. When all the other things were over, they went to lift Anjaneyar. To their great astonishment, they found that the tail had already been cut off so expertly at the right place as though it had been done by a sculptor and that too without any flaw!!!

Can there be words to describe the state of mind of Ramani Anna and other members of the committee? They simply raised their folded hands in the direction  of Sri Kanchi with tears rolling down their cheeks!!!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!

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  1. I read somewhere in a blog about vriddha anjaneya temple, can anyone tell me where this temple is?



  4. The story is not entirely correct. This is not an accountof how Shri. Ramani Anna wrote. There has been some inconsistencies in the story..

  5. i had been to nanganallur today to pray the mighty anjaneya swami.i was thinking about the tail of anjaneya my surprise i found the article about this in sage of kanchi.the pratishta happened with mahaperiva ‘s he has set right the things and made everyone happy on that day.mahaperiva tiruvadigale charanam.

  6. Mahaperiyava is powerful and Mahaperiyava showed to the world that Nanganallur Anjaneyar is all powerful. You all know my 108 pradakshinam daily for 108 days without interruption at Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple. Lord.Anjaneya and Mahaperiyava complemented each other with their divine gesture and I was one of the beneficiary of that divine radiation.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

  7. Maha periyava adi potri

  8. madam viji you may contact Mr Balaji or Mr Kumar 91 9444021296

  9. I need Pradhosha Mahaperiyava abhisheka vibuthi prasadam. Can anybody help me whom to contact / how to get it.
    i got it through somebody else which was there safely in my handbag. Since the handbag was worn out i gave it to my maid without removing this precious prasadam. The handbag had gone to somebody unknown and hence retrieving of this precious vibuthi is impossible now. After i lost this, i am restless. Kindly help me in getting this Pradosha Mahaperiyava abhisheka vibuthi from Mahaperiyava Brindavanam, Kanchi mutt.

    • Hello Viji, Kindly provide me the address or contact number to send the prasadam to you during weekend.. This is Rajagopal S from East Tambaram Chennai.. My contact number is 9841182996.

      • Respected Sir,
        When I last visited Maha Periyava Athishtanam, I got a small box (Vignesh Studio was written on the outer cover of the box) containing Mahaperiyava abhisheka vibuthi from Mahaperiyava Brindavanam, Kanchi mutt. I was using it whenever there is worry and the problem will automatically go-off. It is over now. Can I have it from you? My address is:-
        G KUMAR
        Plot No: 20, Ground Floor,
        Seshadripuram 3rd Cross Street,
        Baby Nagar,
        Chennai – 600 042.
        Mobile Number is: 98410 68519.

  10. Jai Aanjenaya!His Holiness was knowing what would happen! We must be happy that we are contemporary of His period.

  11. divine actions are always understood later this is only periva intervention

  12. HE does everything for us, only we need to bow our head to HIM.

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