82nd Jayanthi Mahathsavam of Sri HH Pudhu Periyava Pictures

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Anatha Namaskarams to Sri Pudhu Periyava Thiruvadi on the very auspicious 82nd Jayanthi Mahothsavam. Enjoy these jayanthi pictures from Vijayawada, AP. Thanks to Sri Kamakoti Peetam FB for the share. Ram Ram

HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-1
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-2
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-3
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-4
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-5
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-6
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-7
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-8
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-9
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-10
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-11
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-12
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-13
HH Pudhu Periyava Jayanthi-14

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  1. Why do we continue to address Jagatguru Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya Swamigal as “Pudhu Periyava” ? Is there any hidden reason behind it? He is The Periyavaa now.

    • Ram Ram Dear Sir,

      There is no reason behind this. It is my habit not to typically address any Periyava’s by their name even adding necessary prefixes/suffixes. It’s just me and I’m not saying if it is right or wrong. In a book written by Shri Ra Ganapathy Anna called Maha Periyava Virudhu, I read a similar incident and picked this from there. In order to differentiate between our Periyavas Sri Matham Anukka Thondas prefixed Maha, Pudhu and Bala which became the norm in Sri Matham. I agree Sri Pudhu Periyava is Periyava himself and I didn’t mean to disrespect in any way. Hope that clarifies. Ram Ram

      • Thank you so much for your kind reply. Actually in all fairness the Prefix “Pudhu” should get affixed to the 70th Sri Periyavaa, and the 69th Sri Periyavaa is THE PERIYAVAA

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