The Queen of Greece!


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Experiences with Maha Periyava: The Queen of Greece

The daughter of the Raja Mata (Queen) of Greece is now the Queen of Spain. Her name is Sophia. She had Aparimita Bhakti (limitless devotion) towards Kanchi Sri Maha Periyava like her mother. The entire Royal family had surrendered to our Periyavar, considering Him their divine guru.

When the sage was in Uttara Chidambaram Satara for many months, Queen Sophia had come and stayed there for four days and had darshan. When we visited Spain some years later for a dance programme, Queen Sophia called us to her palace. We were immersed in a reception mixed with love and respect.

“How could a Chakravartini (Empress) like you stay in a hotel that did not even have a room with an attached bath?”

“We would even stay in a hut to have darshan of Kanchi Periyavar. I would walk on the street! Only when I have darshan of Him, I really live my days. At other times, somehow I just breathe. All this environment is not permanent; only the joy of having His darshan is real and permanent.”

It seemed to me more appropriate to call Him Jagan Mata, rather than Jagath Guru!

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  1. No words to express! The Great great Greatnenss! of Maha Periyava.. In front of mahaperiyava all are humble and devoted human beings and his Grace and Blessings keep us what we are!

  2. The words spoken by the Queen must be printed in gold and etched in the deep recesses of our hearts.

  3. Very true. Queen Sophia is one of the very rare soul who understood the purpose of life. In spite of all the parafernalia and comforts, Queen is focussing on dismantling the karmic cycle. Her message is meant for all devotees of Mahaperiyava.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

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