Guru Poornima – Vyasa Puja by HH @ Vijayawada

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Let’s all have great darshan of our Aacharya’s from Vijayawada performing Vyasas Puja on the auspicious Guru Poornima day. There is also a picture from Sri Periyava Adishtanam in Kanchipuram. Thanks to Shri Aravind for the Whatsapp share. Ram Ram

Guru Poornima Puja-4

Guru Poornima Puja-5

Guru Poornima Puja-6

Guru Poornima Puja-2

Guru Poornima Puja-1
Guru Poornima Puja-3

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  1. Watch live telecast by Sankara TV on 22nd 12 noon.Yesterday from morning 8 am they showed Pooja

  2. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara! Shri Gurubhyo Namaha!

  3. Although Vijayawada is just a 6 hour train ride from Chennai, it is so surprising to see the low turnout for this Vyasa Puja event. Also, we are unable to find internet/social media updates from mutt yet. Through this blog, I would like to appeal to the Chennai Bhakthas and likes of Sri Vignesh Studios to cover this special Chathurmasya event and the upcoming Jayanthi function exclusively and share the photos and videos to sustain and increase our bhakthi towards guru parampara.

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