Periyava’s anugraham at Naimisharanyam

Brahmasri Gopala Ganapadigal shares his experience of how Periyava blessed the avanthi homam conducted in Naimisharanyam..


The second part of this short video is a chopper ride in and out of a place called Hilsa, which is the entry point to China/Tibet from Nepal….Chopper is the only way to transport, which is largely decided by unpredictable weather condition. Even slightest weather situation would leave 100s of stranded yatris here….This place has barely 15 rooms (3-4 beds in each room) with no toilets !! Terrible for both men and particularly for women…The folks you see on the above photo who are sitting outside are stranded folks, who have no place to stay – pretty sad! BTW – that 20 mts chopper ride is one of the finest rides you could get….

This is probably one place we all prayed to avoid. Please refer to my earlier posting on how Chinese embassy doors were reopened after doing rudrabishekam for Mahaperiyava. In the photo below, you can see Karnali river and the bridge far behind – Friendship Bridge – that connects Nepal and China – on the right is Nepal and the left is China. Once Chinese officials approves a team, we all need to walk through the bridge and wait on the other side for immigration/customs formalities….

Hilsa  (4 of 14).jpg



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  1. One question is this the only route available via Nepal? Or is there another route. I am asking to get some details on the trip.
    Thank you

  2. So nice to see this vedio. So Thrilling too

  3. You folks are blessed to see the Supreme’s abode.

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