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Thanks Sudhan for the drawing…..

Reached Chicago yesterday and I can say that I am fully back 🙂 As mentioned before, we had a great fortune of traveling with Brahamsri Gopala Ganapadigal during our Kailash Yatra. It is too difficult to say in few words on how much we enjoyed the presence of mama…He was energizing the whole team with slokas/stuthi during our travel on a daily basis; blended with all of us so nicely and never had any ego while talking to loukeekas like us – answered the question patiently, quoted several sruthis/smritis to highlight the importance of Kailash yatra etc.

I took few videos of him talking about Mahaperiyava. Here is the first one – shot this when  we just landed Hilsa – one of the hopping points before proceeding to Lake Manasarover.

When a word comes out of mahans like Periyava, it will happen – here is the proof…..


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  1. What a great video. How inspiring it is to listen.

  2. I was waiting for your post. Thank you for sharing your experiences. We hope one day with Mahaperiyava ”s blessings we could make it. Please keep sharing more.
    Thank you. Regards Arthi

  3. So nice to see you back to form. Really happy and delighted to see and hear mama’s speech in this vedio. i loved his youtube experience on MahaPeriyava. This trip must have been memorable to all those who went with mama.

  4. Thanks Mahesh for sharing with us the delicious Kailah Bhog..

  5. Dear Mahesh, Request you to document your experiences as a video narrative along with pictures and maps. We request you to speak on camera and share your experiences. It’s important for all the followers of the blog to e-meet you after your Kailash yatra.

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