Final Glimpses – Shri Vaidhyanathan Mama with Chicago Periyava

Vaitha Mama-3

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – This is a one minute video clip taken by Shri Raghavan Desikan Sir on his visit to see Shri Vaidhyanathan Mama & Chicago Periyava on 15th May @ Thenapakkam. Here we see Mama enquiring about Chicago Periyava and also the Periyava Mandapam in Rajakilapakkam. Finally all the devotees fall at the feet of Mama and get this blessings. We all know Mama was 80+ and did great kainkaryam to Periyava. What a divine smile Mama has in the picture above. Let’s all do a Manaseeka Sashtaanga Namaskaram to Mama who attained the lotus feet of Periyava few days back. Ram Ram


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  1. we got manasa blessings from mama and also chicago periyava.

  2. Thank You for this vedio. Blessed to see mama along with our Gigantic Chicago Periyava.

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