Shri Simpson Vaitha mama attained Lotus feet of Periyava



Sri. G. Vaidyanathan aka Simpson Vaitha mama ,who served our HH Mahaswamigal for 60+years reached Periya’s holy feet this evening (India time) in Kanchipuram. Let us offer our namaskarams to this blessed devotee who was instrumental in erecting the mahaswami stupi opposite Srimatam and for all the kainkaryams he did for Mahaswami.

I am told that mama is the one of the very few who takes the liberty with Periyava and talks to Him in a loud voice – not out of arrogance or anything – purely in the liberty of Periyava’s comforts and devotees’ concerns etc….He was one of those who insisted that Periyava eats on time, takes rests etc….

I had a pleasure of visiting him once when he was constructing the sthoobi.. His house – no, Periyava temple – is just amazing…Periyava everywhere – very vibrating!

Only few months back, I shared an audio file of mama sharing all his experiences. Click here to listen…

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. He was very close associated with our family and Balu swamigal i met him in jan2016 at Kancheepuram
    we all missed him very much . S.RAVI KUMAR HYDERABAD

  2. I request someone very intimate to late Sri Vaidhyanatha Mama to briefly furnish his history ( bio- data) And also the final moments of this great soul .
    His demise is a great loss to Kanchi Sankara Madam and the Madam will surely feel his absence,
    It is hard to find such a devoted and energetic SEVAKAR for the Madam.

  3. I had opportunity to be in Sri Vaitha Mama house at St. Mary’s Road, Abhiramapuram, Chennai during 2010. While entering the house on the Hall, one can see full of Sri Periyava photos in the wall, can’t see even an inch of wall. Mama was so humble and received me and talked about Sri Periyava. I went to his home few times to offer little contributions to Sri Sankara Bhaktha Jana Sabha Trust. Sri Vaitha Mama one who published “Divya Darshan of Sri Kanchi Mahaswami” book, in 2 Volumes, by the hands of Sri Pudu Periyava at Vani Mahal in 2010.

    Sri Vaidya mama released souvenir for Sri Bramhapuriswarar Koil near Kanchipurarm, where Sri Periyava stayed for more than two years. i am blessed to put a small advt in that souvenir with Sri Periyava photo, as advised by Sri Vaidya Mama.

    Vaidya mama reached Sri Periyava tiruvadigal in Kancheepuram itself.

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  4. You can watch Vaitha mama – very latest live video clipping – taken during the last week of May at the Sri Mutt camp in Selaiyur Chennai.

  5. Namaskaarams to Simpson Vaitha Maama whose selfless.divine service at the Sivaasthaanam Temple and Sankara Bhaktha Jana Sabha Trust are well known to devotees! Maha Periyava Has Taken him to His Lotus Feet! Hara Hara Shanakra, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. Sad to know the great soul, which served Sri Kanchi Maha Periva with devotion and sincerity for decades with no expectation whatsoever, is no more and it reached the lotus feet of its Master Sri Maha Periva.I know him personally and visited his home which is literally decorated with Maha Periva’S photos.he hails from Nagangudi a village near my village Senthangudi agar haram, Mailaduthurai Taluk.I had the fortune of meeting Sri Maha Periva in Satara( Maharashtra) in the year 1982 and stayed in Periva’s camp for four days and shared the foods prepared for Periva Nd his personal staff. As commanded by Maha periva I visited Kanchi Madam in November 1989, after my retirement, and presented a small donation for the Veda PATASALA of the Mutt. At that time I met Sri Vaidhyanatha Mama who enquired about my father and others in my village and took me near Sri Maha Periva and introduced me to the Saint.That meeting I will never forget and I cherish the memory of it even today.It was indeed a red letter day in my life. Sri Mama used to visit my house in T.Nagar to collect donations for the Mutt functions.My association with Mama is a fortune as with Sri Maha Periva.I really miss him ( Mama )
    May HIS soul rest in peace.!



  8. vaitha mama.may his soul rest in peace

  9. Our Pranams to pure soul Sri Simpson Vaidyanathan mama . He is remembered for Stupi , Padasalai patronised by him at various places including Thenampakkam.
    Periyavaa’s very close Devotee he has been.
    Our respects to him and his family for ever. One should definitely visit Stupi during visit to kanchipuram to see Stupi constructed by him.

  10. During the sathabdi celebrations of mahaperiyava, this humbleself had the fortune of working under his guidance, for about three months serving under him was great boon to have darshan of the Periyavas. Last time I met him was at Mutt on mahaswamy’s Jayanthi Day. He had been a great guide and philospher for all ofus. Surely Periyava has taken him back to continue his eternal service. Maha periyava thiruvadikale Charanam

  11. Namaskarams to Sri Vaitha Mama.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

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