Don’t worry – all your problems will be solved!

Orikkai is a place that Periyava chose for Himself. This place has all the akarshanams and all the saanidhyams like Adishtanam. All of Sri Pradosham mama’s prayers, longings, dreams were fulfilled by Periyava. I know that all of us go to Orikkai whenever we go to Kanchipuram.

It is not surprising that so many incidents happen that proves that Periyava is pratyaksham here. This incident narrated by Smt Saraswathi mami was simply amazing how Periyava is sarvajyan and listening to all our prayers we make to any of the Periyavas.

All acharyas who are in the Adi Sankara lineage in our matam are the same jyoti-swaroopams. It is essential that we continue to develop guru-bakthi towards our acharyas for our own progress. They need/gain nothing by our prayers/devotion We need everything!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Periyava Bangle Valayal Alankaram-1

This lady has been promoted at her work and with that promotion she is transferred a new unit. This new unit has few folks who are notoriously known for few issues. With her new responsibilities, she is needed to work for extended work hours in the evening etc. She was really dreading to take up this job.

With this going in mind, she went to Sri Matam and got the darshan of HH Pudhu Periyava and mentioned this problem and was seeking His blessings. He gave prasadams. From there she headed to Orikkai. After she finished her visit, while heading back, a young vidhyarthi came running and asked this lady, “Did you tell HH Pudhuperiyava about your work problem? Mahaperiyava says that not to worry and all your problems will be solved”

Needless to say, this devotee is dumbstruck and couldn’t believe the divine play of all the Periyavas.

I am sure that she took this responsibility and continuing there without any problem as she is constantly shielded by Periyava Himself!!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Periyava blessings are always required

  2. I am very sincere at my jobs and surrounding. I am a devotee. Got familiarity.
    But,no money. Answer my path, please.

  3. my friends son met an accident, his injury is severe in the head 4 blood leakages . doctor’s trying to save him. please, please pray for him with periyava’s lot of blessing for the only son who is in sim’s hospital now. many of our prayers will definety save the youngone. so please pray for him. maha periyava thiruvadigal saranam. from banumathi 9444956936

  4. Me also Shri Mahesh. We are having some problems to be solved and when the problem is in the mind, I saw this message. Don’t Worry all your problems will be solved. As if periyava is saying. Let the blessings of periyava will be showered on us and all our problems solved by periyava’s blessings. No words to say. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara.

  5. I was a bit sad about some of our problems and, as usual, the first thing when I open our PC, I open Sage of Kanchi postings and here it is this posting with the title “Don’t worry – all your problems will be solved”. Just like this lady got msg from Periyavaa, it is a msg. to all His devotees including me. Thanks Mr. Mahesh


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