Periyava Mahimai Newsletters – 2005

Dear readers,

If you all may recall, few months back, I posted about the archives of Periyava Mahimai newsletters from Sri Pradosham mama’s house. With the help of Sai and other volunteers, each newsletter is being translated to English and posted here. At the end of publishing each year, I would like to share them as an e-book for reading at leisure….Personally, this would tremendously help me in adding it to my ipad and reading while traveling.

Sincere thanks to Kanjira Sri Ganesh Kumar for sharing these treasures.

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  1. Can anyone translate in English for benifit of Non Tamil readers…….

  2. I have a humble request. Please do not post anything in scibd since they do not allow you to download.

  3. Jaya Jaya Sankara! Good Morning to Periyava devotees all. This little and skelton man having unbounded treasures behind him in deguise of Maatha Kamaakhee amman. How can any body hails his graces towards devotees. God will in certain times felt pleasured on earth and send this type of great Saints with virtual/universal thinking approach of almighty so that the differences among religions could also be strived off. I am very much delighted to the experience of a mationary charity who visited Kaanchipuram after darshan they have been clarrified with the doubts on poorva karma. How effectively and provable episode to them. They have no voice to discuss on trat subject and just they wholly saastaanga done to this little Saint. ultimately this little man murmouringly smiles at them. How graceous this great Periyava is… I am very eager to knew all such episodes especially in a book in English/Telugu version so that I will propogate to crowds wherever I attend in connection with Brahmana Vadhu-vara Parichaya Vedikas all along coastal and in Chennai too during my discourse I will refer each episode at probable preamble in spare time. Jaya Jaya Sankara..Hara Hara Sankara…Sankara..Sankara..Loka Vasankara…Namo Namahaa.

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