Goddess Kamakshi is in their Home, Sing There!



Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Thanks to P. Suresh for the translation from video interview. Ram Ram

Goddess Kamakshi is in Their Home, Sing There!”


Swamigal once asked HH Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal’s Poorvashrama brother Shri Ramaskrishnan to learn Lalitha Sahasranamam at my father’s place by staying there for a Mandalam (48 days). He came with another person Shri Kumar. They used to come daily to learn.

Shri Ramakrishnan asked Swamigal, “Where should I complete this Lalitha Sahasranamam?”

Swamigal replied: “Complete it in their house itself, Goddess Kamakshi is there!”

Before singing the complete Lalitha Sahasranamam they both wanted to sing it before Him and went to Him. They started to sing along with my father in a chorus. He told them to stop, possibly wanting to know how they sing alone and told my father, “You sing Pallavi and let them sing Anu Pallavi, and take turns!”

When they were singing ‘Kala Kaavyaa Kala..”, He gestured someone to distribute a vessel full of Saathukudi (sweet lime) juice to us!

He asked someone to put Andal Malai (Nela malai) to my Appa. Appa was overcome with emotions and started to shed tears.

He told him, “Take it easy, control your emotions. Sing further!”

Narrated by Dr Smt Kalakkad Seethalakshmi, who is Professor of Music, Queen Mary’s College in Madras and this is about her supremely blessed Father, Shri Kalakkad Ramnarayana Iyer!

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  1. What’s up, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post.

    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  2. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara.

  3. Very blessed devotee. Is this version of Lalitha Sahasranam available for public use? If so where can we get this from? Thanks, Sumathi

  4. Much Blessed! Sri Lalithambigaayai Namaha! Shri Gurubhyo Namaha! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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