Splendid Bangle (Valayal) Alankaram of Sri Periyava @ Orikkai

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Enjoy the splendid Valayal alankram for Sri Kamakshi Periyava @ Orikkai.

Note – For devotees who are new to Periyava Sathsangam, Orikkai (Oor Iravu Irukkai) is a small village near Kanchipuram where there is a mani mandapam built for Sri Maha Periyava. The specialty of this Mani Mandapam is that it is built based on ancient sculptures. The Manimantapam, with its towering vimana, hall of 100 majestic pillars and aesthetically carved images, paduka mantapam, rudraksha mantapam and the sanctum sanctorum is a stunning edifice that reminds one of the ancient temples built by great kings of the South. More importantly, Maha Periyava came in Sri Pradosham Mama’s dream and asked him to build a temple in Orikkai for him. He said he likes this place a lot and wants to reside here for ever. This project was approved by Sri Periyava himself when he was in his sthoola sareeram (physical form).

Periyava Bangle Valayal Alankaram-1

Periyava Bangle Valayal Alankaram-2


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  1. It’s such a nice alangaram for Kanchi Maha Periyava.

  2. The construction of external edifice is still going on. Please, confirm.
    A lovely, spacious… temple in granite.
    Visitors will experience great peace in His presence at the temple.
    Devotees visiting Kanchipuram may visit the temple. There are frequent share autos outside Kanchi Bus stand to Orikkai. Sumptuous prasadam is given to devotees visiting at lunch time- a Periyava’s muththrai.

  3. Great Photograph showing Maha Periyava in Kamakshi Alankaaram! Both are One and the Same! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. we should ask Sri Vignesh Studios to see if they have any high-quality photo of this one….

  5. rombave arumai.

  6. Is there any what’s app group for periyava?? If yes can u give the number

  7. Thank you. Mahaperyavaal Devi kamaakshi ambaalagave katshi koduthirukirar


  8. Namaskarams. Kamakshi Periyava Namaskaram. Orikkai Manimantapam neril kaana Mahaperiyaval dhan Anugraham seiyanum. Mahesh Krishnamoorthy avarhalin kaingaryathil Orikkai Adhishtanam Periyava Jayanthi, Valayal & Manjal Alankaram mangalakaramaha dharisanam seidhaen. Orikkai Manimantapam donation anuppa contact details theriyapaduthinal nandraha irukkum.
    Mahaperiyava Thiruvadigalae Charanam. Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara !

  9. Splendid photos of Periyava. Thanks for this posting.

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