Sri Maha Periyava’s Kanakabhishekam Audio with Samskrt, Tamizh, & English Texts


On this very auspicious day of Mahaperiyava 123rd Jayanthi, with Sri. Periyavas Anugraham, Sri Adi Shankara Stutis Youtube channel gets updated with Maha Periyava’s – KANAKABHISHEKAM audio.The audio is in samskrt for which three video links that has text in Samskrt, Tamizh, and English are given.

In this Mahaperiyava explains Sri Adi Shankara’s instruction to us, how to do Eshwara Puja, and the best form of Parameshwara Puja.The video concludes with divine chanting of “ Guru pungava pungava” from Thotakashtakam by Mahaperiyava.Please share the links with friends and family.

Now with lot of children learning samskrt, we request parents to have them listen to this.


Video with Samskrt Text –


Video with English Text –

Video with Tamizh Text – 




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