123rd Jayanthi Special Sankaraanandham


As you all may know, Sri Shankar Lakshmikanthan a.k.a Thenupureeswaradhasan Shankar has been compiling poems and rendering them in a musical form also on auspicious dates. For this jayanthi, he is releasing Vol6 of Sankaraanandham. I am pleased to share this with you all. Thank you Shankar for your unshaken bakthi and such a creative work towards all acharyas of the greatest Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

To make it easier for all of us, he has a channel in soundcloud to listen to these creations. I listened to few and I particularly liked “Guruve Kanchi Mahaswami” song…Great job!!

Here is the Vol6 of Sankaraanandham:



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  1. Thank you for your kind information.

  2. Namaskarams to all,

    There is a LIVE telecast from Kanchipuram on account Mahaperiyava’s 123rd Jayanthi dhinam (anusham) today (22nd May 2016) on Shankara T.V.

    The telecast starts from 9.00a.m (India time). Kindly inform other periyava devotees too. You can also watch it on Shankara t.v website too.

    (Mrs. Deepa Venkataraman)

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