Praodham Special-Sayarakshai Siva Darisanam

Pradosham Special

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Over the past several months Adiyen published several small video clips from Sri Maha Swamigal Mandapam in East Tambaram. This is the last part of that series, a One minute video clipping on a Pradosham day evening. We get the darshan of Sri Adi Sankara and Sri Dakshinamuthy Sannidhis amid Veda Chanting by Vidhyarthis in the Patasala located in the premises. If you get a chance please do visit this place. It is very serene and worthwhile to spend our time. For your convenience, I have also given the link to the entire playlist posted in Youtube that consists small video clips of:

  1. Rare Collection of Sri Periyava Items
  2. Sri Periyava Palki (Pallaku) Darisanam
  3. Sri Periyava Rickshaw Darisanam
  4. Laksha Rudrakshan Lingam
  5. Sri Periyava & Sivalingam
  6. Rotating Sivalingam in roof (2)
  7. Sri Periyava Sirpams, Books Read, & Pictures
  8. Siva & Periyava Temple, Veda Chanting in Pradoshala Kalam

All the above should not take more than a total of 20 minutes play time.

Location: Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir, 1, Shankar Nagar, Rajakilapakkam, Tambaram (East), Chennai, Tamil Nadu 6000073, India


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  1. Will plan a day along with my family to see Periyava and the things HE used which has been kept in this school. I have gone via this school several times, but didn’t know about this earlier.

  2. Very disappointing because Video is not clear.

  3. Dear sir, do you have any watsapp group dedicated to periyava? If yes, I would like to join. Thank you!


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