Praodham Special-Sayarakshai Siva Darisanam

Pradosham Special

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Over the past several months Adiyen published several small video clips from Sri Maha Swamigal Mandapam in East Tambaram. This is the last part of that series, a One minute video clipping on a Pradosham day evening. We get the darshan of Sri Adi Sankara and Sri Dakshinamuthy Sannidhis amid Veda Chanting by Vidhyarthis in the Patasala located in the premises. If you get a chance please do visit this place. It is very serene and worthwhile to spend our time. For your convenience, I have also given the link to the entire playlist posted in Youtube that consists small video clips of:

  1. Rare Collection of Sri Periyava Items
  2. Sri Periyava Palki (Pallaku) Darisanam
  3. Sri Periyava Rickshaw Darisanam
  4. Laksha Rudrakshan Lingam
  5. Sri Periyava & Sivalingam
  6. Rotating Sivalingam in roof (2)
  7. Sri Periyava Sirpams, Books Read, & Pictures
  8. Siva & Periyava Temple, Veda Chanting in Pradoshala Kalam

All the above should not take more than a total of 20 minutes play time.

Location: Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir, 1, Shankar Nagar, Rajakilapakkam, Tambaram (East), Chennai, Tamil Nadu 6000073, India


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5 replies

  1. Dear sir, do you have any watsapp group dedicated to periyava? If yes, I would like to join. Thank you!


  2. Very disappointing because Video is not clear.

  3. Will plan a day along with my family to see Periyava and the things HE used which has been kept in this school. I have gone via this school several times, but didn’t know about this earlier.

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