I had come to Kanchi for Election Work, so incorrect to see Him!


Thanks Suresh for this article. Although we have read this before, it is timely with election going on in TN 🙂


Whenever I met Kamaraj he used to ask me without fail, “How is Periyava?”

You should have His darshan at least once”, I used to tell him.

“Yes, I too feel the same way… But, I am not getting the correct opportunity…”, Kamaraj told me.

Once I invited Kamaraj to have His darshan when he came to Kanchipuram for Election related work.

“Not today. It is not correct to have His darshan when I had actually come for Election work! It will be respectful only if I exclusively came to meet Him alone!”

A few months before he passed away, Kamaraj had darshan of Periyava at Kalavai (which is approximately 44 kms from Kanchi). On hearing that he is coming, Periyava told His kainkaryam people, “He is not keeping good health! Please do not make him walk for long distances. Let him come by car to the maximum extent possible. And on the path where he will walk, please clear it off the stones and thorns so that he can walk comfortably!

Shankara, what compassion. This shows what a man Kamaraj was!

They had kept a stool for Kamaraj to be seated. When Periyava motioned him to sit, he refused to sit!


No words were exchanged between him and Him for a long time. When it was time for him to leave, Kamaraj told Periyava:

“People should live comfortably without any difficulties. Periyava should give His Blessings!”

Periyava lifted His hands and blessed!

Also, Kamaraj did not keep the Prasadam that Periyava had given him, on the car seat or in his pocket or did he give it to others to carry. He kept that Treasure in his own hands!

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  1. I was wondering whether the great leader has met Maha Periyavaa, but when I read this i was simply astonished.i cannot imagine the great souls caliber.

  2. Tears came in me when I saw Mr.Kamaraj’s photo and the Dhaya Sri Periyava had for his health. As readily commented by one of us,above, there will not be another Periyava or Kamaraj. They were embodiment of public interest than their own.

  3. He was a close associate of E.V R Periyar.

  4. Kamaraj was a great man. Where do you find such noble persons in our country or for the matter of fact in the world.
    K V Raman

  5. Sri.Kamaraaj sought the blessings for the PEOPLE and not for his health. Great. Self less character.

  6. There will not be another PERIYAVA or another KAAMARAAJ.

  7. Perhaps we will be missing such tall leaders in todays circumstances

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